ePay Summit Europe – Interview with iSpiral

Interviewee Name: Christos Ttiniozou Job Title: Director Company: iSPIRAL Tell us about i-Spiral and your role. iSPIRAL was the outcome of envisioning a financial-crime free business world. Our story spans over 14 years in which we positioned ourselves as a leading regulatory technology provider. To achieve the goals set, we adopted an open innovation approach, […]

8 German SaaS companies to watch out for

Software-as-a-service – or SaaS – startups are among the fastest growing worldwide. Through cost-efficient and productive solutions, these companies are not only revolutionizing the way we work, but they are impacting every aspect of every industry. Much like for Fintechs, Germany offers a centrally located hotspot for these startups, with a culture of dynamic and […]