Fintech Startup Payer Launches Beta Test Program To Revolutionize Customer Registration In B2B E-Commerce

Payer Financial Services (Payer) has developed a new registration product that revolutionizes how customer relationships are made between companies online. The product enables e-commerce merchants to verify new customers as trustworthy so they can make their purchases with ease. Today, Payer launches a beta test program with several B2B merchants. The Swedish B2B payments startup Payer is […]

Expert Interview: Trustly

We have the pleasure to interview Lassi Eronen, e-Commerce Marketing Manager at Trustly, a European fintech company that provides direct payments technology to make online payments fast, simple and secure. 1. Can you tell us more about Trustly? What does the company do and what are your main markets? At Trustly, we’re passionate about simplifying […]