Culture Shift Report Finds Trust Is the Key Factor for a Happy Workforce in Finance

While some financial sector bosses have welcomed remote working with open arms, others have struggled to trust their employees to work autonomously with some even ramping up on surveillance to track exactly what their workforce is doing. This may, however, be problematic for organisations looking to attract and retain talent as, according to a recent […]

Fintech in 2021: Embedded Finance, Sustainability and more

Fintech, along with the rest of the world, has had an extraordinary 2020. Major scandals have rocked the industry, but at the same we’ve marked significant advances that will help to point the way to a better future of finance. As 2020 proved, predicting the future is always a difficult proposition. But, in the spirit […]

Fintech, regtech and the role of compliance 2021

The year 2020 has been a year of digital transformation and acceleration to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. By necessity and by design firms have implemented the roll-out of technology, often at speed, to enable business activities to continue as countries went into lockdown. The applications that are covered by the term fintech […]

Seeking balance between fintech innovation and regulation in China

The rapid development of fintech in China has prompted regulatory authorities to consider the potential risks it poses on the overall financial system. Ant Group’s initial public offering (IPO), set to become the largest in history, was suspended by regulators last minute. According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, ‘major issues regarding changes in the fintech regulatory environment might […]

Fintech and the Software Testing Challenge

Software testing is regularly subject to trade-offs – that is, attempting to cover as much of a codebase as is possible given time and resource constraints. Sometimes known bugs slip through to release and go unfixed because they are deemed low-risk. Within fintech, even small bugs can have serious repercussions for a development team… and […]

Home to a robust fintech sector

The financial services sector has traditionally had high barriers to entry, but has evolved significantly in Europe over the last decade. This change followed the 2008 global financial crisis, and happened under the influence of key trends, regulations and innovations – including open banking, digital economy, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. European startups were quick […]

Fintech and banks: competing through collaboration

There’s little novel about fintech and established financial institutions working hand-in-hand. Behind the snappy ad campaigns, sans serif fonts and slick app interfaces, most fintechs have always relied on some form of partner license, or access to a bank’s network.  Even challenger banks – the recent wave of financial organisations that straddle the line between […]

UBS introduces credit card made from corn

Swiss bank UBS has replaced plastic with corn for a new environmentally-friendly credit card and also introduced a purely virtual card. From early next year, clients will be able to register a digital version of their credit card with UBS Twint, Mobile Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay and begin using it immediately. […]

55. Super Bowl goes cash free

Super Bowl

For the first time, this season’s Super Bowl will be cashless after the NFL and partner Visa decided to accelerate the move to contactless payments because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Super Bowl LV, taking place in Tampa Bay in February, will offer 100% digital payment acceptance for fans throughout the stadium on game day, including […]