APIs Are The Secret Sauce Of Fintech

If revenue from fintech companies really is going to more than triple in the next decade, as some have predicted, it’s not going to happen without APIs.  In the last decade, APIs have gone from one tool at a company’s disposal to arguably the tool that allows companies to achieve scale in a cost-effective way— particularly within fintech.  […]

Bunq brings Google Pay to the Netherlands and Portugal

The Dutch neobank, founded in 2012, has become the first provider to offer Google Pay support in its home country, as well as in Portugal. Google Pay is a safe and easy way to pay contactless with your NFC-equipped Android phone in physical retail locations or online. It creates encrypted virtual cards that are securely stored on your […]

Fintech Startup Payer Launches Beta Test Program To Revolutionize Customer Registration In B2B E-Commerce

Payer Financial Services (Payer) has developed a new registration product that revolutionizes how customer relationships are made between companies online. The product enables e-commerce merchants to verify new customers as trustworthy so they can make their purchases with ease. Today, Payer launches a beta test program with several B2B merchants. The Swedish B2B payments startup Payer is […]

The Importance Of FinTech In Traditional Banking System

New technologies such as machine learning, Internet-of-Things, artificial intelligence, blockchains, and cloud computing are the major drivers of growth for fintech companies There is no better example of evolution than what we have seen in the financial world. From traditional in-person banking to internet banking which eventually moved from your desktop to the comforts of your palms through mobile banking. The […]

Hong Kong prepares for ‘next era’ of fintech

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has outlined a slew of new initiatives on bank data exchange, CBDC research, trade finance digitisation and RegTech, as the island state kicks off its annual Fintech Week. In his opening keynote, HKMA chief executive Eddie Yue announced that the central bank is exploring a new data strategy and considering […]

Atlanta-based fintech company Bluefin announces $25 million in growth financing

Atlanta-based fintech company Bluefin, known for offering payment and data security for small and medium-sized businesses, announced a $25 million in growth financing from Macquarie Capital Principal Finance.  Macquarie joins current Bluefin investors Napier Park and Camden Partners. Bluefin’s work, with specializes in securing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI) and financial card data through omni-channel […]

The Future of Fintech, and What It Means for the Personal Finance Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has fast-tracked the call for more technical solutions. As the onset of the virus brought life as it was to a standstill, social distancing measures have driven consumers to utilise more digital services. John Ellmore, Director of KnowYourMoney.co.uk examines what it could mean for the personal finance industry. Nowadays, we are living in an era […]

Interview with Mahesh Vinayagam, Founder & CEO of qBotica

We have the pleasure to interview Mahesh Vinayagam, Founder & CEO of qBotica, a boutique RPA and AI solutions firm offering full range of advisory and implementation services. 1. How can machine learning and AI improve business processes? Many Business Processes of today are really based on decades old ideas, technology and customer expectations. Significant […]