nexo standards: Providing the building blocks for global card payment acceptance

Arnaud Crouzet, General Secretary of nexo standards talks about how the lack of interoperability in today’s complex global payments acceptance world is hindering merchants’ plans for international expansion. As technologies evolve to offer evermore payment options for consumers and globalisation continues at a rapid rate, it is inevitable that merchants want to take advantage of […]

We’re excited to introduce you to the new look of our brand and website

When Payments and Cards Network started on the back of our CEO Jordan’s surfing days in Cadiz, the business was young and opportunistic. The company began life as a Linkedin group in 2007 (was a big thing back then), then refined in 2012. Soon after our COO Rogier joined and the journey of Payments & […]

The impact of wrong billing descriptors for high risk merchants

When people think of ‘high risk merchants’ they automatically think of adult entertainment, online gambling and weapons dealers. However, high risk merchants come in all shapes and sizes, from airline and jet charters, antique vendors to moving & transportation carriers. The only things they really share, are tough terms and high rates for their financial transactions. […]