Monetize Forum 2021

Monetize Forum 2021


Resilience and agility are the trademarks of top performers.  Upon closer inspection, leaders are constantly improving their execution – getting closer to customers, eliminating friction, launching new products, pricing plans, and even new business models.  Business leaders face a dizzying array of technology services, and from a distance it’s hard to determine the best fit for a given use case.  The Monetize Forum is aimed at helping companies enhance their vision of modern quote to cash. We’ll be discussing the business cases for investment, the common pitfalls and benefits encountered along the journey of building and improving a world-class monetization capability. In addition to the MGI Research analyst team, hear curated, unvarnished interviews with CEOs and business leaders as they share their experiences.


Join us at the Monetize Forum 2021 on January 19 and January 21 as we look into the future of everything related to increasing revenues, going global, and optimizing the bottomline – from E-commerce, to sales quoting, order management, payments, billing, and much more.


  • Learn from the MGI analysts as they outline the business case, market outlook, and best practices in the key areas of monetization and digital transformation across the Prospect to Disclosure process. Get MGI Research insights, analysis, and 360 Ratings across the entire spectrum of Quote to Cash.
  • Hear Garmin and Discovery + share their experiences in launching new businesses and scale their quote to cash operations. Listen to over 30 CEOs and senior executives detail the winning formulas for reducing customer friction, accelerating revenues, and improving cash flow with modern tools, processes, and ideas – many picked up during the pandemic.
  • Discover new solutions. Four companies are making their public debut at the Monetize Forum.
  • Network with peers and engage with partners. This two-day event makes it easy to get connected with global innovators and leaders.


Key Issues we’ll be discussing:

  • What is an Agile Monetization Platform?


  • What is the future of Quote to Cash?


  • What are the hidden opportunities and risks when transitioning to “anything as a service” business models?


  • How can companies drive revenue growth via subscriptions and consumption-based business models?


  • What are the winning strategies for eliminating revenue leakage and reducing customer churn?


  • What is the business case, best practices, and market outlook for:
    • Agile billing
    • CPQ
    • CLM
    • Payments
    • E-commerce
    • Automated Revenue Management
    • Entitlements management


  • Which vendors are best suited to handle my use cases?


  • How should organizations budget and plan for project success?


  • What does a post-cloud architecture for monetization look like?


  • Where are SaaS valuations headed and what’s the outlook for tech M&A?


Who should attend:


VP Finance, Product Management, Legal, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Business Applications

Directors and Managers: Finance, IT, Sales Ops, Rev Ops, E-commerce

Enterprise Architects

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