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Why is contract recruitment the best way of growing your business in 2022?

Hiring practices are evolving and shaping around the emerging trends and demands of the business world. Recently, many companies like Netflix or Twitter have started to experience drastic changes including lay-offs up to 30%, shifting their business strategy from growth-centric business plans to more stable ones. After the pandemic, the tech industry especially faced with the consequences of an over promised growth trajectory, over-hiring or overestimated ability to raise that next round. 

This recent wave of layoffs showed companies the importance of short-term planning and proactive business development practices. Therefore, besides startups, scale-ups or unicorns, many corporate companies like Nike, Adidas or Samsung started to rely more on contract recruitment and flexible workforce solutions as well. While flexible staffing is thriving, it also matches with the demands of the new generation and highly skilled workforce as well. 

Fixed-term contracts can attract more talent than permanent ones

Just as the consuming behavior, working behavior and expectations of employees have also changed after the pandemic. Qualified professionals are now more eager to become freelancers where they can work for fixed term contracts. They are more into fully remote working and working on their own time and pace rather than being dependent on a company for long-term as a permanent employer. Therefore, a flexible hiring option is giving space for both employers and employees. It’s less risky for the employers and allows them to chase the most lucrative opportunities and switch between talents according to the recent or near future needs of their business plan. 

For a contract recruitment process to run smoothly, it’s necessary to have the infrastructure and resources to review and sort out a large number of candidates quickly. Despite the huge talent pool of freelancers and fixed term job seekers, evaluating and matching these talents with the right position is not as easy as it seems. Since the human resources department of most companies are generally more experienced on permanent recruitment, they usually struggle with the hiring processes of contract based employees. Help of a recruitment agency as a mediator in this case makes the whole process easier for both parties. 

PCN Project are here to support you with flexible workforce solutions 

At PCN, we have been running contract recruitment services with an expertise in Fintech, SaaS, E-commerce and Cybersecurity, for more than 10 years with our PCN Projects team. Understanding the needs of our clients often goes beyond the permanent hiring and with PCN Projects, we’re able to fulfill every recruitment need for our clients. With  the help of strong long-term relationships that we build with our clients, we shape our services around their requests and offer three flexible workforce solutions in our specialized verticals; interim, temporary to permanent and payroll.

For interim recruitment, we connect your company with highly skilled Interim professionals for your urgent requirements. Our goal is to provide you with 3 suitable candidates within 48 hours. Also for our clients who are looking for a flexible workforce with a possibility of extending it to a permanent contract, we act as an employer of record for the temporary period by our Temporary to Permanent service. Last but not least, if you want to tap into an international network of highly skilled contractors, we’re providing this opportunity to you by our Payroll solution. We handle all contractual and administrative responsibilities for you.

If you’re interested in growing your business in the most cost effective way for your upcoming projects and support business development goals by flexible work solutions, PCN Projects has got your back. Contact us via our website now or book a consultation with our director of PCN Projects Daan Schmidt!

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