Volume 6 – Issue 3

September, 2020

In this issue: – Thought Leadership by Dr. Scott Stornetta on the current technological emergence. – Startup Spotlight with Littlepay on their customer-centric approach revolutionising transit. – Thought Leadership with Agustin Rubini on the future of Venture Capitalism. – Research findings with Casey Potenzone from Nexway on the impact of the pandemic on e-commerce. – Thought Leadership with Mark Boyd on the fallacies of today’s banking world. – Emerging Markets with GIFT and Malik Khan Kotadia on innovation for impact and inclusion. – Startup Spotlight with Fraudio and CEO Joao Moura, on defending payment ecosystems through AI.

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New podcast: An Interview with Tom van Wees and Roderick de Koning, CCO and CEO of Ginger Payments