Meet Team PCN

Our team at PCN are the people who drive success to our company. Meet the people who are passionate in what they do and make all the magic happen behind the company! Get to know the story of our people and get in touch with them.

Craig Norris

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Joey Staats

Junior Accountant

Lusatsin Ghazelyan

Content Designer

Keir Lyon-Fraser

Director of Western Europe

Gilles Messiaen

Recruitment Consultant - France & Belgium

Morten Laufer

Head of DACH

Strahinja Karanovic

Recruitment Consultant - DACH

Imo Noordman

Recruitment Consultant - Benelux

Jordan Lawrence

Founding Partner & Chairman

Yan Molenaar

Head of People & Operations

Bogdan Wyneken

Recruitment Consultant

Rob Parker

Recruitment Consultant

Tafara Mafemera

Recruitment Consultant - PCN Projects

Maxim Smits van Oyen

Recruitment Consultant

Jacqueline Mühlhausen

Recruitment Consultant - DACH

Zsofia Bodnar

Marketing Manager

Mark Manzi

Head of Design and Creative Direction

Piril Eskitascioglu

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

Adrian Witte

Business Operations Intern

Daan Schmidt

Director - PCN Projects

Rogier Rouppe van der Voort


Nathan Southerton

Principal Recruitment Consultant - Fraud, Risk, and Compliance

Niklas Huss

Recruitment Consultant - DACH

Petula Marbler

Recruitment Consultant - France

Kevin Daul

Recruitment Consultant - Fraud, Risk & Compliance

Marie Felten

Talent Acquisition Intern

Cassandra Wagenaar

Recruitment Consultant

Bryan Vink

Office Operations Intern

Victoria Hammond


That's the team, like what you see?

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