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Last year, along with our shift to remote work, we decided to keep our network, clients and candidates informed and updated digitally. Whether this meant setting up new social media accounts, crafting team-oriented campaigns or sharing glimpses into our home offices – we were determined to offer the best news, content and job opportunities in tech recruitment.

With this came the arrival of our first ever seasonal newsletter in December 2020. With our second spring edition releasing tomorrow, here are 4 great reasons why you should subscribe to our newsletter, and keep an eye on all things Digital Source!  

  1. Stay on track with all things DS

Our DS team is committed to creating a unique work environment, which we’re proud to share with both our clients and candidates. From team milestones, work anniversaries and new additions – our quarterly recap will make sure you stay up to date with all things DS. A lot can happen in a quarter, and each edition of our newsletter will make sure you’re always one step ahead.

  1. Access to this season’s hot jobs 

Together with our highly-trained squad of consultants, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best opportunities in the digital sector – covering the spectrum of Data, Analytics, Engineering, Mobile, Development and Architecture. Check out all our latest job opportunities with the season’s ‘hot jobs’.

Find all the season’s hottest jobs in one place
  1. Revisit our top blogs and campaigns

Every month, Digital Source creates and publishes original written and visual content on our blog ‘Digest’. Whether it’s our ‘Digital Source’d’ series (a compilation of candidate-tailored guides)  or our ‘DS Breakdown’ series (designed to tackle some of your biggest job hunting questions), our newsletter is the perfect place to get an overview of some of our most successful content pieces.

  1. Catch up with our social media game

From office updates (many of which feature our office doggo Leia), weekly meet-ups (virtually for now), and so much more – our social media platforms are the perfect place to connect, interact and chat with us about all your recruitment needs and headhunting services. Hit that follow button, and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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