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Raphael Steil, Co-Founder at getquin, on his journey building a social investment platform

Can ChatGPT replace financial advisors? Why is creating a good product crucial for the success of a company? 💭 Find out the answers to these and much more in our latest episode of In Check with Fintech.

Work It Out | Marijan Čipčić on his journey from archeology to the tech world

Justin Passalaqua, Country Director of Worldline North America, on the ISV market

Henrik Gebbing, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Finoa, on crypto as an asset class and as a technology

Bandan Jot Singh, BNPL Business Unit Lead at Riverty, on the diversity of different product management roles

Alex Gessner, VP of Onboarding & Integration at Solarisbank, on diversity and inclusion in Fintechs

Paul Faecks, CEO & Co-Founder at Alloy, on the latest developments within the DeFi ecosystem

Pierre-Antoine Vacheron, Payments CEO at BPCE, on Fintechs VS traditional banks

Paul Becker, Co-Founder & CEO at re:cap on building a funding marketplace for the subscription economy

Meidad Sharon, Founder & CEO at ChargeAfter, on solving key issues within the BNPL market

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