Tafara is still hesitant on starting his career as a comedian, despite the whole team supporting this. Maya is still annoyed that her Mayan calendar was wrong. Kev is an American man with another plan. After much research, we found Yan on another beach. Mark is working on some new comedy content for the office, his older material was too successful. Keir is looking for some protein powder. Ivan and Benjamin are PCN’s favourite (and only) Dubliners. Oh, Ivan is just trying to let it all sink in. Bonnie is looking for Clyde. Bogdan had a dream last night winning an Oscar Award. Rogier just bought his limited edition Darth Vader outfit. Pablo is enjoying his new driving license after driving for 10 years and failing the test as many times. Jordan should even be on this list. Daan sipping wine and charging his VanMoof. is Morten was last seen eating hot wings at 4am in Berlin. Marie is hoping that she can finally get her 2 months on an island without a mobile signal. Vic might be heading to Rainbow Beach near Golden Sand Resort. Kenneth can’t seem to shake off allegations he’s a robot. Marianna has an Italian alter-ego with a Greek name. Galit is losing yet another fight with Mark in the office hallway. Imo is trying his best to be Wim Hoff. Strahinja is in Europe somewhere, good luck finding him. Henry apparently writes plays. Can someone give Sam some pool lessons? Arse-nal FC supporter Spoorthi is trying to imitate Ivan without much success. Maverick is getting ready for his next kickboxing fight. Piril is our only Mexican employee. Max is working hard, and playing even harder. Lucy has a national slogan that isn’t safe to repeat on this website. Filip is very busy working on a new Rugby injury to show everyone. Josephine is baking while counting her nationalities (in French obviously). Rob is not a call-to-action but our beloved colleague. Craig is secretly ice-skating between calls. Jacky is in the gym looking for a new personal best. Bonnie still does not understand who is her owner (nor anything else). Leia is currently barking at anyone coming into the office, then licking them straight after. Joey is waiting for the next stupid question regarding money.

Our Team

Meet the people who are the driving force behind PCN, its countless success and the fantastic work we do here.
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Daan Schmidt

Director - PCN Projects

Tafara Mafemera

Recruitment Consultant - Fraud, Risk and Compliance

Victoria Hammond


Spoorthi Srinivasan

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Bogdan Wyneken

Recruitment Consultant DACH - Tech

Cristina Solleiro Saura

People & Operations Intern

Maverick Yap Shi Yee

Recruitment Consultant - Fraud, Risk and Compliance

Yan Molenaar

Head of People & Operations

Marie Felten

Recruitment Consultant - France

Marie Boivin

Team Lead - French

Lusatsin Ghazelyan

Jr. Content Design Specialist

Imo Noordman

Principal Recruitment Consultant - Benelux

Jordan Lawrence

Founding Partner & Chairman

Morten Laufer

Head of DACH

Piril Eskitascioglu

Digital Marketing Specialist

Josephine Lang

Recruitment Consultant - France

Henry Watson

Recruitment Consultant

Nathan Southerton

Team Lead - Fraud, Risk and Compliance

Jacqueline Mühlhausen

Recruitment Consultant - DACH

Maxim Smits van Oyen

Recruitment Consultant

Rogier Rouppe van der Voort


Kevin Daul

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Florian Homburg

Business Operations Intern

Joey Staats

Accountant & Finance

Mark Manzi

Head of Design and Creative Direction

Ivan McConville

Recruitment Consultant

Galit Pinchev

Learning and Development Manager

Strahinja Karanovic

Recruitment Consultant - DACH

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