Mark is number one table tennis, pool and poker player. Keith is trying to make jokes that are noteworthy. Kev is an American man with a plan. We’re not sure where Yan is but she’s probably in the sun. Matt is currently trying to convince the team Poland is better than Brazil at football. Rogier and Morten are in a Zoom call, probably. Jacky is shopping in Berlin, she’ll be right back. Morten is probably making a deal somewhere. Imo is in a random park in Portugal working out. Lucy has been spotted somewhere between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Marie is watching Shrek to admire the Prince for the 11th time. Joey is waiting for the next person to ask him a stupid question. Bonnie is waiting for Keir to give her treats. Tafara is still hurt after losing to Mark yet again. Keir is busy trying to tell people how Scottish he is. Bogdan is busy raving somewhere in Amsterdam. Zsofia is thinking about the Maldives, again. Jordan is surfing, it might be the internet or the water. Rob is not sure what is going on, but he’ll get back to you. Adrian is hovering over someone's lunch. Petula is giving lessons to those with no standards. Daan is dreaming of the south of Italy. Craig is still hitting bogies on the best golf courses in the world, he blames the wind. Piril is singing proudly in Arabic. Yan is busy for the coming 11 months. Vic is trying to recover from Glastonbury, still. Galit is somewhere with her two cats. Sammy would prefer if everyone spoke Italian. Strahinja is looking out the window. Cassandra wishes she was Ugandan instead.

Our Team

Meet the people who are the driving force behind PCN, its countless success and the fantastic work we do here.

Kevin Daul

Recruitment Consultant - Fraud, Risk & Compliance

Jacqueline Mühlhausen

Recruitment Consultant - DACH

Mark Manzi

Head of Design and Creative Direction

Galit Pinchev

Learning and Development Manager

Bogdan Wyneken

Recruitment Consultant

Cassandra Wagenaar

Recruitment Consultant

Filip Perica

Graduate Recruitment Consultant - PCN Projects

Strahinja Karanovic

Recruitment Consultant - DACH

Keir Lyon-Fraser

Director of Western Europe

Lusatsin Ghazelyan

Content Designer

Rogier Rouppe van der Voort


Imo Noordman

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Benelux

Zsofia Bodnar

Head of Marketing

Morten Laufer

Head of DACH

Joey Staats

Accountant & Finance

Adrian Witte

Business Operations Intern

Petula Marbler

Team Lead - France

Daan Schmidt

Director - PCN Projects

Isaac Silva Looker

Graduate Recruitment Consultant

Samuele Rusagara

Recruitment Consultant - PCN Projects

Maxim Smits van Oyen

Recruitment Consultant

Rob Parker

Recruitment Consultant

Nathan Southerton

Team Lead - Fraud, Risk and Compliance

Craig Norris

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Marie Felten

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Henry Watson

Graduate Recruitment Consultant

Victoria Hammond


Charles-André Simon-Dufour

Graduate Recruitment Consultant - France

Jordan Lawrence

Founding Partner & Chairman

Yan Molenaar

Head of People & Operations

Tafara Mafemera

Recruitment Consultant - Fraud, Risk and Compliance

Piril Eskitascioglu

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

That's the team, want to join?

We’re always keen to hear from talented individuals that will be great additions to our team.