PCN is a boutique recruitment agency rooted in Amsterdam, driven by a singular mission: connecting top talent with industry leaders.

We specialise in five core pillars: Fintech, Cybersecurity, SaaS, E-Commerce, and Salesforce, backed by a global network across borders.

PCN started on the beach in Cadiz by the long haired surfer also known as J-Don. From there we started seeing the potential in payments and were the first to utilise the idea of creating a network of skilled individuals on LinkedIn. Payments & Cards Network was started with a LinkedIn group (was a big thing back then) in 2007. Not long after that, our CEO Rogier joined the team. We opened offices across the world in the coming years and grew our brand even further. 2020 is the year that we rebranded and took shape into the company that we are today. People create networks.

A little about us

We operate in many areas of business and below are our 7 main verticals and areas of interest.

Our clients

Here is a selection of clients that we have helped over
the years achieve their goals in business.

Our global reach



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Life at PCN

We’re busy most of the time. But it’s not always work, check out what else is happening at PCN below.

What’s in the PCN name?

P for Pulse

To be a cut above the rest, businesses need to be on top of the pulse of the industry- monitoring the latest and hottest news and engaging with thought leaders.

C for Curve

When things don’t go to plan, you may have to re- evaluate and try again from a different angle. PCN isn’t afraid to turn and move into a different direction.

N for Nodes

Our intersection is not one and done, but when we meet, sparks fly. We nurture the connections we build whether through placements or partnerships.

The numbers say it all

We’re not so into numbers but here are some that we quite like from a few projects.

...and that’s PCN

We’re working with multiple candidates, companies and organisations to help them succeed. Let us know how we can help you.