Our culture

We’re a close family that wants to deliver the best work humanly possible.

Building a good culture is one of the most important things to PCN.      Creating a space where people can grow, shine and impress themselves.      Knowledge is important as it will ensure you are analytical and reflective on information you receive.      Empathy is the key to being able to connect with people you may not know and build a foundation of understanding.      People are the drivers, pillars and main energy at PCN. We take care of our people and we encourage them to flourish at all times. Call us to hear more about us.     

Our core values

These principles make up our core identity. They drive every interaction with our clients, candidates, and team.


Knowledge is power.
We champion this notion by striving to surround ourselves with knowledgable people offering insights into both work and life.


When you find empathy, you can truly connect with another individual. We carry this ideology into the way we work and provide a service and atmosphere that will be a base for a successful work place.


A the heart of all our ambitions and services is people. After 10 years we’ve heard many stories, helped many business and grown personal careers. It is with these foundations that we can safely say, we put people first.

PCN’s Flagship

Business & Sales Program

You will be guided, trained and coached how to sell the most complex products on the market & people.

You will gain the all-around skills to develop your career as a great salesperson with a commercially minded attitude towards thriving niches in tech: Fintech, SaaS, Cyber Security and eCommerce.

You will learn ins and outs of recruitment, sales, business development, account management, networking and sourcing during an intensive 3 months training period with your “Academy Team.”

Upon completion of the 3 months you will be immersed into an existing team of Recruitment Consultants focusing on your own niche in tech.

Sales Program Benefits


We’re aware that some people may not have the experience in business and sales so we offer hands on guidance while you are picking up the craft


PCN encourages activities that are beneficial for your headspace and mindfulness. Our 4 day working week is one of our ways to show this to our teams and clients.

Mobile working

Maybe you work best at home some days, maybe you prefer to work with others in the same room… It all depends and we’re happy to create a plan that fits for boths of us.

Watch us in action

Sam Spall – “PCN introduced me to the world of Fintech”

Sam Spall is one of our previous team members who started his first steps in the fintech industry during his time at PCN. Now he’s working at one of the leading fintech companies. Check out his interview to learn more about his experience.

PCN’s Features on ‘Zo kan het ook’

PCN talks to the Dutch televison show ‘Zo kan het ook’ and dives into the reasons why we switched to a 4 day work week. We also get to hear from some of the team members on what they thought about the work-life balance.

We have a lot of different nationalities in the office so sometimes it’s a bit of a battle ground, in all the best ways. If you don’t know what Keir’s favourite music genre is then you haven’t lived. There is always ice cream in the office, that’s for sure. The office has some seriously talented people, sometimes we surprise ourselves with just how good we are. Mark is probably the best chef in the office, but we heard Galit isn’t bad either.