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PCN works with some of the leading companies and projects in the world. Here’s some of the amazing work that we’ve been doing recently.
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Delivering great experiences with Delivery Hero

Delivering great experiences with Delivery Hero

Check out our case study with Delivery Hero to find out more about how our extensive global database of talents helped the company fill their extremely tailored roles.

Accelerating growth with Verifone

Find out more about Verifone’s collaboration with PCN to find suitable candidates for two key senior roles.
Going Global with Worldline

Going Global with Worldline x PCN

Learn about how we help Worldline to accelerate its business development by expanding its European customer base.
Building Bridges with Klarna

Building bridges with Klarna

A tough market needs expert solutions, see how we did this with Klarna and Javier.

Building Volt from the ground up

Volt is changing the market and we built that team.

We’re building the case

More case studies are coming, we’re just polishing them up for you. If there is something you’d like to see, get in touch with us.