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Nethone, a Machine Learning-based fraud prevention company, and Nissho Electronics Corporation, announced a business collaboration on delivering cutting-edge online fraud and account takeover detection and prevention solutions in Japan. Nethone will be part of the already existing Tranfis brand offered by Nissho and will be distributed under the name
Square Financial Services – a new in-house bank and subsidiary of Square Inc, opened for business this week. The operation is the culmination of a year’s work, following Square Inc’s announcement to open its own bank back in March 2020. Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of both Twitter and Square
Canadian SaaS banking software service provider will collaborate with Backbase to integrate Zafin’s solutions onto its platform. Canada’s leading relationship-based product and pricing capability solutions service provider, Zafin, has announced a strategic partnership with the Dutch banking engagement platform, Backbase. According to reports, Zafin, which is one of North America’s leading
The company’s now worth three times what it was six months ago. Swedish buy-now-pay-later firm Klarna has closed a $1bn private fundraising round, bringing the company to a $31bn valuation and tripling what it was worth six months ago.  The new round follows a $650m round in September last year,
Codat, the API-based platform for business data, today announced strategic investments from PayPal Ventures and American Express Ventures. Amex Ventures and PayPal join previous investor in Codat’s Series A, Index Ventures. Along with the announcement of these new investments, Codat also formally launched its U.S. operations. Codat is the fintech
According to the UNFCCC High-Level Climate Champions and the Marrakech Partnership Climate Action Pathways report published at the end of 2020, certain notable breakthroughs are moving key sectors closer to the 2050 zero emissions goal, in an attempt to avert the impact of climate change. The report outlines the
Mastercard’s Open Banking Connect service is now enabled for credit card holders of Lloyds Banking Group brands: Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank itself. The new functionality means cardholders can pay their credit card bills via their mobile app and draw on funds directly from a current account
Walmart is enlisting the help of two Goldman Sachs executives to help roll out a new FinTech startup as the retail giant gets into banking, Bloomberg reports. The executives are Omer Ismail and David Stark, the report says. Ismail is the head of Goldman’s commercial bank and is making a “surprise exit” to the FinTech. And Stark,
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