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PCN joins PSR Group

PCN Pulse is back with the hottest industry news of the week! 🔥 We’re happy to announce the strategic investment with PSR Group! The

PCN to join PSR group

PSR Group, a UK based, market leading recruitment specialist, has announced that it has successfully completed a strategic acquisition into the rapidly growing Fintech
2023 Fintech AI Trends

3 AI trends to watch in 2023 for FinTechs

You probably have seen AI-generated images online or heard of OpenAI and its notorious language tool, ChatGPT. Besides these latest disruptive innovations in art,

Rabobank hails blockchain pilot, Binance.US to buy Voyager Digital’s assets in $1B deal

PCN Pulse is back with the hottest industry news of the week! 🔥 In Check with Fintech, the PCN podcast series has had over
Fintech trends in 2023

5 FinTech trends you can’t ignore in 2023

2022 has been an exciting year for the FinTech industry, full of developments and marked by innovation. As technology improves overtime, so does FinTech.
Ponto by Isabel Group

Ponto for Representatives is a new solution by Ibanity (Isabel Group) that offers accountants, auditors and real estate agents the automation of bank statements in any software!

What is a representative? The term representative refers to an organization that is mandated by another one to handle their financial data stored in Ponto

Third Party And Vendor Risk Management For Financial Institutions

Examine how firms can adapt to regulatory change, monitor and control their supply chains, manage concentration risk, enable greater resiliency, and respond to emerging

6 th Edition AML And Financial Crime

Manage the rising concerns that sanctions and cryptocurrency pose to your institution whilst enhancing use of advanced technologies and transaction monitoring