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Open Banking payments platform Token and Open Banking Expo have launched a co-branded survey that aims to gather the opinions of bank TPPs, ASPSPs, merchants and payment providers regarding the value of, demand and readiness for variable recurring payments (VRPs) and sweeping. The survey, which will target respondents in
Fairer and more flexible credit – the underlying premise for Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), which includes financing options from small consumer purchases to significant business expenses. What opportunity do these solutions offer, and how are companies and people using BNPL services to thrive?  First, let’s consider access to
Centralized payments and unparalleled risk & credit management Vienna/Munich, July 27, 2021 – The industry leading payment orchestration platform, IXOPAY has partnered with SHS Viveon, industry pioneers in risk, credit and compliance management. The strategic partnership will see IXOPAY and SHS Viveon provide clients with a payment solution that
– Passengers can now pay fares with a contactless bank card or mobile wallet– ‘Tap-to-Pay’ launches on airport metro line and STCP bus line 500 ahead of rollout Press release, July 22 2021: Today, Littlepay announces its collaboration for the introduction of Portugal’s first contactless transit ticketing system, in
Staying on the beat – July 20 – July 26 2021 From Startups to Funding Funding flows into Cybersecurity With 2021’s halfway point just crossed – funding has more than doubled the $4.4 billion in 2020 to $7.8 billion 2021.  Why the influx? Reasoning may be linked to the
LONDON – 22 July, 2021: Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)provider Zip.Co Limited (ASX: Z1P), has today announced a new unified purpose and brand identity across its global operations.  Launched in the UK in March 2021, Zip is one of the fastest-growing Buy Now, Pay Later lenders in the world, partnering in the
Staying on the beat – July 12 – July 19 2021 From Startups to Unicorns Railsbank raises $70M expanding fintech-as-a-service platform. Financial services as a service — where neobanks, retailers and others can create and sell their financial products has been one of the bigger trends in the world
Today, Cake and Sopra Banking Software (SBS), announced that Cake for Banks Solution will now be available for SBS European Customers through Marketplace. For Cake, this is a new step in fulfilling its Belgian and European ambitions. SBS is hereby expanding the services they offer to their customers.          Cake Belgian
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