P for Pulse

To deliver a top service, it means you have to be on the pulse of the industry. Continue monitoring the ups and downs to keep you and your clients ahead of the rest.

C for Curve

When things don’t go to plan, you may have to re-evaluate and try again from a different angle. PCN isn’t afraid to turn, and move into a different direction. Being flexible and malleable in communication means that you’re always learning from experiences you go through.

N for nodes

The literal definition of node is a point in a network at which lines or pathways intersect or branch, and when we build connections this is something we rely on to succeed. The connections that we make take time and also last a long time. Because sooner or later these connections will interact. We are focused on meaningful relationships that take everyone forward.

Our numbers

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We are now racking up over 12,000 candidate interviews
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We have a strong network of over 150,000 professionals that we are in contact with.
We're currently operating on a 4-day-working week. We believe that what we can achieve in our time off work is as essential to our development.
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Our PCN Magazine has over 40 issues and 80,000 readers
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Over 150 placements a year with 92% retention
PCN is currently open for business in 6 offices.

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We’re sending out newsletters weekly with a range of opportunites for candidates, interviews, podcast and more.

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