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Adapting our company values while working from home

Living in ever-changing times, this year has presented us with unique situations that have altered the way we think about work. With this in mind, and as we go back into remote work this Fall, we wanted to share our response to the COVID 19 pandemic while re-imagining our company values. Jump into the article below, to read more about how we did this! 

1. Quality: We provide quality in everything we do
Quality checks have always been a big focus in everything we do, but even more so while we work from home. We’ve encouraged a higher degree of creative input, weekly self assessments and regular one-on-one check-ins. By taking these steps for our team, we’ve managed to build a consistent and forthcoming relationship with our clients during the pandemic — one which remains unaffected by remote work environments. 

2.Honesty and respect: We value our clients and candidates and will always act within their best interests
In times of change and uncertainty, we believe it is more important than ever to approach our clients with transparency and trust.

3. Entrepreneurial: We look for new ways of doing things and challenge the status quo   
When Amsterdam went into its first lockdown, we were determined to provide our team with the best possible experience while working from home. We equipped them with a complete work-from-home set-up, ranging from a laptop stand to portable accessories and even a headset to make virtual meetings smoother. We also sent everyone a branded fitness ball, as well as some locally sourced goodies (i.e scented candles and herbal tea) for that extra touch of cosiness!

4. Specialists: We provide specialism in what we do
We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the field, and continue to innovate even though our work setting might look a little different now. 

5. Celebrate success: We are proud of the work we do and we don’t shy away from celebrating it  
While pre COVID times saw us celebrating success very differently (*dreaming about our twice yearly company trips and monthly lunch clubs*), present times have pushed us to get a bit more creative. We’ve sent wine and cheese platters for work anniversaries, made videos to celebrate promotions and have incorporated platforms that allow us to send virtual high-fives to team members.

6. Building strong relationships: We work with clients that are looking for long term partnerships 
We’re committed to growing together with our clients. We’ve continued to source the best candidates and opportunities throughout the pandemic, all while listening to our constantly evolving network. 

7. Teamwork: We create collective value by working as a team
 In times of drastic change, it is more important than ever to stay united as a team. We ensure that our team members have each other’s backs through frequent communication and shared responsibility. In addition to this, we’ve introduced a ‘Team Hang’ – our initiative to adapt our customary end-of-week evenings to a virtual space, all while keeping up our team culture. 

8. Impact: We pick up the phone rather than hide behind emails 
We prioritise our relationships, and conduct clear and concise communication with our clients regularly. We continue to encourage this, as we work remotely. 

Has your organisation adapted their core values while working from home? Let us know in the comments below!

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