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Bunq brings Google Pay to the Netherlands and Portugal

The Dutch neobank, founded in 2012, has become the first provider to offer Google Pay support in its home country, as well as in Portugal.

Google Pay is a safe and easy way to pay contactless with your NFC-equipped Android phone in physical retail locations or online. It creates encrypted virtual cards that are securely stored on your device – you can just pick up your phone and pay with a few taps, and it’s available across all bunq plans.

Ali Niknam, CEO and founder of bunq, says: “We’re always challenging the status quo to make life easy for our users, and this is a logical next step. Nowadays paying has to be quick, easy, and safe, so I’m very happy that we’re bringing Google Pay to bunqers in the Netherlands and Portugal!”

This latest development expands the list of countries where bunq users can pay effortlessly with their Android phones, adding to Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and the UK.

Earlier this month, bunq became the first challenger bank to be included in Dutch Fair Finance Guide and what’s more, the European challenger bank marks the highest entry score ever. The Dutch Fair Finance Guide was established in 2009 to inform consumers about banks by gauging their performance using independent and preset criteria, empowering them to choose for a sustainable bank.

With economic uncertainty being more prevalent, consumers are in need of a solid and reliable alternative to traditional banking. The addition of a challenger bank to the Dutch Fair Finance Guide therefore marks an important step, proving that challenger banks will have a lasting effect on the way we deal with money. bunq’s remarkably high entry score further stresses that.

Peter Ras, Project Lead at Dutch Fair Bank Guide, said: “We are excited to include bunq, which is pioneering a new banking model, and we are happy to see that for many issues bunq’s public policies show that the bank wants to invest in a responsible way.”

bunq was founded in 2012 by Ali Niknam, who managed to get the first European banking permit in over 35 years. It is now available in 30 countries. As its sole investor, Nikam invested €73.8m in bunq, of which the latest publicly available number of user deposits is €633,130,096 based on the deposits in June 2020. Throughout 2019 the total amount of user deposits doubled and is increasing every day.

Niknam added: “I’m incredibly proud that we’re the highest new entry to be included! And thanks to many new ideas and insights provided by the Dutch Fair Finance Guide, I’m sure we’ll do even better next year!”

Source: The Fintech Times

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