K5 Konferenz 2023: “Black Ocean – Erfolgreich handeln in unsicheren Zeiten”

K5 Konferenz 2023

Dieses Jahr findet die K5 FUTURE RETAIL CONFERENCE unter ganz besonderen Bedingungen statt: der anhaltende Ukraine-Krieg, die Zinssteigerungen und eine hohe Inflation. Bei steigenden Preisen und geringeren Umsätzen fragen sich Unternehmen, ob sie überhaupt investieren sollen und sich Ausgaben für Fortbildungen, Messen und Konferenzen lohnen. Unsere Antwort der K5 ist ganz klar: Nicht trotz Krise […]

Trend explained: Buy now, pay later (BNPL) 

Buy now pay later

Klarna, Affirm and Afterpay and are some of the pioneers of the buy now pay later (BNPL) trend in Europe. Companies like Billie and Mondu are also known as other popular players, especially in B2B. The rising trend of buy now, pay later has gained popularity as an alternative to traditional credit cards and loans.  […]

Mr. Valentyn Kropov, CTO, N-IX talks about Payment Processing Technology

ePay Summit Europe 2023

ePay Europe team interviewed Valentyn Kropov, CTO, N-IX to get his thoughts on payment companies, payments processing technology, and their response to rapid changing landscape. Read more for his insights into the B2B payments landscape. Can you tell us what N-iX does? VK: We’re thinkers and doers. We help companies figure out how the future […]

LinkedIn Fintech Talent Insights: Germany

LinkedIn Fintech Talent Insights Germany

The German fintech market is expected to register a CAGR of 5% between 2023-2028. These are the top 5 employers in Germany, their headcount growth over the past 12 months, roles most hired for, diversity insights, and more. 1. N26 (17%) With a full European banking licence, state-of-the-art technology and no branch network, N26 has […]

LinkedIn Fintech Talent Insights: United Kingdom

LinkedIn Talents Insights Fintech UK

Despite UK Fintech investments falling by 56% in 2022 (KPMG), the region is still one of the hottest Fintech markets. These are the top 10 employers in the UK, their headcount growth over the past 12 months, roles most hired for, diversity insights, and more… 1. Visa (5%) Visa is a world leader in digital payments. The corporation […]

5 most common pitfalls when hiring for diversity 

Diversity Insights for Hiring

LinkedIn Talent Insights 1. Tokenism Tokenism occurs when a company makes a purely symbolic effort of “keeping up appearances” to show support for diversity to avoid criticism. E.g. Recruiting small numbers of diverse candidatesto give the false perception of diversity at large. 2. Systematic Bias It is the inherent tendency of a process to support […]

Predictions on the future of recruiting in 2023

The Future of Recruiting 2023LinkedIn Talent Insights 1. Recruiting will drive business-critical changes. Recruiters are becoming change-makers and  their influence will be felt across the C-suite— from talkingcomp with the CFO, to fine-tuning your employer brand with the CMO, to addressing skill gaps with the CLO. 2. Employers will hire more contract workers as a […]

<strong>Best European Neobanks in 2023 </strong>

Neobanks have increasingly been establishing themselves in Europe as their new central hub. It is anticipated that the European Neobanking sector will experience a growth rate of 19.53% between 2023 and 2027, culminating in a market size of US$4.66tn by 2027. According to data from May 2023, there are ninety eight online banks in Europe […]

Fido welcomes all to the ePay Summit in London 

Using digital footprint data for dynamic real-time decision-making and fraud prevention is becoming a highly effective method for enhancing online customer experiences.  We are thrilled to announce that Fido is the proud sponsor of ePay Summit Europe in London 2023. Fido is a cloud-based platform that processes and scores hundreds of signals arising from digital […]