Lloyds Bank taps Mastercard’s Open Banking Connect for credit card customers

Mastercard’s Open Banking Connect service is now enabled for credit card holders of Lloyds Banking Group brands: Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank itself. The new functionality means cardholders can pay their credit card bills via their mobile app and draw on funds directly from a current account of their choice. By initiating a […]

Monument confirms £28 million fund raise


Monument, a digital banking startup for the well-heeled, has landed £28 million in new funding from existing backers and a trio of angel investors. Since inception, Monument has raised circa over £40m in funding, and it is now well placed to complete the build of its technological and operational capabilities and to be ready for […]

Storfund set to offer US$1bn to Amazon SMEs


The London-based fintech, Storfund has announced it will hand out $1bn in cash advances to small business operators selling through Amazon and other online European, American, and Asian marketplace. The ecommerce solution can be plugged into seller accounts and provide up-front funds as and when they are required. The fintech startup, which was co-founded in […]

An Insider’s Guide to Nailing Your LinkedIn Profile

For more in-depth insights, discussions and expert opinions on all things Fintech, check out the latest issue of PCN Magazine. LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the most effective platform for professional branding. For recruiters, the platform enables head-hunting the very best talent. For candidates, it allows you to market your skills and interests to a professional […]

A Brief History of Disruption – Through the Eyes of a Blockchain Startup

For more in-depth insights, discussions and expert opinions on all things Fintech, check out the latest issue of PCN Magazine. “Will blockchain disrupt my industry?” is one of the most asked questions since the technology’s inception in 2008. And rightfully so. With transparency and increased security being at the core of the blockchain concept, solving many […]

7 Fintech-Led Covid Relief Efforts That Went Above And Beyond In 2020

Ah, December. A time of pine-scented candles, Secret Santa gift exchanges and “looking back at 2020” listicles. To state the obvious, this holiday season looks a little different than in years past. Instead of shopping for outfits that strike the right balance of professionalism and pizzazz for office holiday parties, employees are busy searching for […]

Collaboration Is The New Competition In FinTech

Nearly every industry had to pivot, in multiple ways, to adapt to the challenges brought on by 2020.  FinTech has been one of the most impacted, with people working, shopping, and banking from home due to social distancing. Although partially sprung from Covid, the trends in online banking, lending, and digital and contactless payments will […]

Synctera Brings ‘FinTech As A Service’ To Community Banks

Bet your last application programming interface (API) that the strong suits for FinTechs as the year heads to a close are innovation and user experience. On the other side of the table sit the traditional community banks and the smart bet there is on risk and regulatory compliance and capital. But what if there was […]

PayPal partners Even to let US employees get paid early


PayPal has teamed up with salary on-demand platform Even to let all of its US employees get paid early and get access to a budgeting tool through an app. The partnership comes after PayPal Ventures joined a funding round over the summer for Even, which enables salaried staff to draw down earned income to stave […]

Lanistar’s New Card Supports Personalized Security, A First In Fintech

Bottom Line: Lanistar’s new payment card provides an innovative solution to the paradox holding FinTech back from growing faster, which are the conflicting needs of providing tighter transaction security while giving customers more freedom to customize services. Fintech startups bring much-needed innovation to the Financial Services industry by concentrating on the two main problems holding back […]