PayPal partners Even to let US employees get paid early


PayPal has teamed up with salary on-demand platform Even to let all of its US employees get paid early and get access to a budgeting tool through an app. The partnership comes after PayPal Ventures joined a funding round over the summer for Even, which enables salaried staff to draw down earned income to stave […]

Lanistar’s New Card Supports Personalized Security, A First In Fintech

Bottom Line: Lanistar’s new payment card provides an innovative solution to the paradox holding FinTech back from growing faster, which are the conflicting needs of providing tighter transaction security while giving customers more freedom to customize services. Fintech startups bring much-needed innovation to the Financial Services industry by concentrating on the two main problems holding back […]

Top 10 Asian FinTech Startups You Need to Follow

Asia is a major player in the FinTech startup industry. For example, Digital Information World reports that China’s FinTech have attracted $42 billion in investments with 166 startups.  What makes it more impressive is also the fact that China is home to the most valuable FinTech startup in the world: Ant Group. East Asia isn’t the sole […]

8 Berlin Fintechs to look out for in 2021

Berlin’s young, enthusiastic and creative energy and business mindset is nearly unmatched in mainland Europe. Comparisons to the US’ Silicon Valley are becoming increasingly justified: In fact, with more than 2.500 active startups, Berlin is attracting more young minds than any other city in the EU. Berlin’s distinct lack of major banking presences like in […]

Five revenue-generating ideas for fintech/bank partnerships

Collaborative approaches to boost the fintech sector by teaming with, rather than seeking to disrupt, established banks. The fintech industry worldwide has grown very successfully over the past decade. But since the global pandemic, start-ups have suffered through a lack of investment from areas that previously have supported the new financial technology revolution. Suddenly, funds […]

nexo standards: Providing the building blocks for global card payment acceptance

Arnaud Crouzet, General Secretary of nexo standards talks about how the lack of interoperability in today’s complex global payments acceptance world is hindering merchants’ plans for international expansion. As technologies evolve to offer evermore payment options for consumers and globalisation continues at a rapid rate, it is inevitable that merchants want to take advantage of […]

PSD2 and GDPR – Customer consent is the key

PSD2 & GDPR will come into force in the first half of 2018. Paul Weiss, Consulting Practice & Financial Services from Accenture talks about their seemingly conflicting coexistence. While the PSD2 is all about making the data of individuals available to third parties, the GDPR is all about keeping this data private. Surprisingly little has been said […]

(FR) Covid-19 – Temoignage de Charles Gorintin CTO d’Alan

PCN est une agence de recrutement et de média spécialisée dans les Fintechs. Nous avons rencontré Charles Gorintin, CTO d’Alan, qui nous donne son point de vue sur cette crise, l’impact qu’elle a sur l’activité d’Alan ainsi que les dispositifs mis en place pour surmonter au mieux cette période de confinement. Alan est une assurance […]

Expert Interview: CardinalCommerce

Tim Sherwin, co-founder and CEO and Chandra Balasubramanian, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and CTO at CardinalCommerce share their thoughts on the company’s journey from 1999 and current vision, their Consumer Authentication system, PSD2 SCA and many more. Expert Interview with Tim Sherwin and Chandra Balasubramanian  PCM: CardinalCommerce was established precisely 20 years ago in 1999. […]