Climbing The Ladder in Tech as a Software Developer

Climbing the tech ladder as a software developer

So you are a senior software engineer… You’ve mastered your skills in java, python, or any other coding language, you have at least 3-5 years of work experience in your field, you can code with your eyes closed and basically, you are ‘the popular kid’ of the job market. The world is your oyster once […]

Why Diversity In Coding Matters

Coding IT Diversity Code

3 ways in which diverse backgrounds and experiences make for a stronger workforce in tech Are you familiar with origin stories of certain products? For example, the story of Quibi? QuiBi was meant to be the next Netflix for younger generations. The difference, in short, was that the content of movies and tv series was […]

8 Steps When Considering the Right Coding Bootcamp

Coding academies offer a number of Bootcamps and courses to boost your career in IT. However, with the expense and commitment that comes with enrollment, it is challenging to find one that is worth the money. To overcome this, we’ve compiled a step by step list designed to guide you while searching for a bootcamp! […]