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4 Key Strategies to Prevent Data Breaches in 2024

The main focus of this year’s International Data Protection Day on January 28 is “taking control of your data.” However, it’s easier said than done in 2024 with data breaches evolving at an alarming rate. In recent years, the Netherlands experienced massive data breaches affecting numerous companies and governmental organizations. The huge data breach at Nebu in 2023, impacted millions of people and major organizations like Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), VodafoneZiggo, ArboNed, Heineken, International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and the Dutch Rental Commission (Huurcommissie).

In order to protect themselves from cyber threats in 2024, organizations are expected to shift to a prevention-first mindset, moving away from the old-school assume-breach mentality. Yariv Fishman, Chief Product Officer at Deep Instinct, emphasizes the importance of using Deep Learning as the most advanced form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to stay secure.

Deep Learning allows for increased prevention capabilities, a reduction of total costs, and tools to block and prevent future AI cyber-attacks. Along with this new technology, here are the 4 Key Strategies to Prevent Data Breaches in 2024.

1. Leverage advanced cyber threat detection tools with artificial intelligence and machine learning

Harness the power of AI and ML-based tools for real-time threat detection, identifying unusual patterns and behaviors, and notifying the security team of potential breaches. An essential application of AI and ML in the domain of threat detection is through the process of anomaly detection which is analyzing data to spot anomalies that may be difficult for humans to notice. By establishing a baseline that characterizes normal network behavior, AI and ML systems can effectively identify deviations indicating a potential security threat.

2. Embrace a multilayered cybersecurity approach

A multilayered cybersecurity architecture, often termed as defense-in-depth, safeguards each touchpoint using specialized tools designed for specific points of interaction. Organizations need to move away from relying on a single defense mechanism and incorporate multiple layers of security, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption, to establish a more resilient defense system.

3. Keep your cybersecurity systems updated and patched

Guard against cyber threats by ensuring that all software and applications are consistently updated with the latest security updates, preventing potential vulnerabilities associated with outdated systems. Ensuring your systems stay up-to-date can be effectively accomplished through patch management, assisting in identifying errors and applying software patches to update, enhance, and rectify issues.

4. Upskill and expand your cybersecurity team

Every business, regardless of its industry or size, must prioritize cybersecurity. Yet, certain sectors are more vulnerable than others. Industries like finance, payments, e-commerce, healthcare, and insurance require the implementation of strong cybersecurity policies due to strict compliance guidelines protecting customers’ data. 

Embracing a proactive prevention-first approach to protect your organization starts with owning the unique talent who can build and manage these processes. As the cybersecurity talent shortage continues in 2024, seeking professional help in finding the right cybersecurity talent is becoming a necessity. 

Contact our cybersecurity recruitment expert, Calum Peacock, to take control of your data in 2024. For more information about our hiring processes, please contact us to see how PCN can leverage your team and business.

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