Date: 21

February 2024

Location: Brussels

ECTAA Travel Payment Summit 2024

ECTAA has been dedicated to monitoring issues around payment in travel for many years, recognizing its pivotal role within businesses and the entire travel industry. Payment, whether in B2C or B2B scenarios, directly impact risk management of companies, fundamentally influencing the entire travel ecosystem. It is also intertwining with other relevant aspects like customer experience.

An adept payment strategy not only mitigates risks but also enables higher revenues and heightened customer satisfaction, constituting a linchpin for sustainable growth within the industry.

Within the labyrinth of travel and payment complexities, regulatory frameworks, especially the EU legislation, loom large, setting the tone and guidelines for the industry’s operational landscape. Set against this backdrop, the forthcoming ECTAA Travel Payment Summit, scheduled for 21 February 2024 in Brussels, will bring together travel and payment experts alongside EU policymakers and stakeholders from the “Brussels bubble” with multifaceted goals:

  • understand the complexities of travel payment
  • understand the diverse spectrum of stakeholder perspectives
  • explore novel approaches
  • enable a collaborative environment fostering discussions beyond siloed dialogues

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