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Fido welcomes all to the ePay Summit in London 

Using digital footprint data for dynamic real-time decision-making and fraud prevention is becoming a highly effective method for enhancing online customer experiences. 

We are thrilled to announce that Fido is the proud sponsor of ePay Summit Europe in London 2023. Fido is a cloud-based platform that processes and scores hundreds of signals arising from digital footprints (name, phone number, email address, IP address, device, and browser). As fraudster methods are improving and payment providers are also evolving from the traditional, siloed method of fraud detection to a proactive, analytic approach. With Fido, organizations can use alternative data to simultaneously combat fraud and enable a seamless digital payment experience. 

Enterprises operating in the payment services landscape are now able to enhance and enrich their real-time, mission-critical fraud detection systems that require massive scalability, and the ability to accommodate diverse types of data. Fido’s ready-to-use ML models score digital footprints and help businesses to make more informed decisions based on alternative data. 

The platform’s algorithms are pre-trained on a large data set to cover key applications out of the box. Organizations can now unlock the power of digital footprints to gain valuable insights on both transactional and customer levels. Fido can be used as a supplementary data and risk assessment source to help with: 

  • Transaction Risk Assessment,
  • Chargeback Risk Reduction,
  • Authorized Push Payments Fraud Mitigation,
  • Supplemental Data for Credit Decision Engines,
  • Data Enrichment for BNPL, and more.

We look forward to everyone’s valuable contribution during the summit, as we exchange knowledge and experience. See you all there! 

ePay Summit Europe 2023

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