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Forex Awards & Forex Expo 2021: People’s Choice

Forex Awards ceremony will be held at Gala night of Forex Expo 2021 this November in Limassol, Cyprus.

First Honest Rating of Forex Brokers, Companies & Persons with transparent voting process based on feedback and reviews from real users and customers. Forex Awards – ranking where each nominee is competing for the honour to be named the Best of the Best. Such ratings can help to select the most reliable projects and companies for a safe investment. The winners will be awarded at Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa (Marriott) in Limassol at 18:30 at Gala night with party, music, food & drink.

The organizing committee has prepared some statements for making a decision to participate.

1. Make sure your team is the best in the field. Throughout the year companies and brokers have been actively working on projects and creating many fresh and successful FX solutions.  But who can consider the best ones? Now it’s possible to test your project for strength.

2. Are you ready to present your case as it is, without hiding anything from the Forex Awards team?

Challenge yourself and find out if your projects will pass both stages of judging- real people’s and committee’s evaluation. 

3. You will set the best example to the entire FX industry for the whole year.

If you win the competition, your case will be a reference for everyone.  

4. The awards ceremony will bring together the best. 

You will get to know in person professionals of the field all over the world. Forex Awards ceremony is the place where a glass of wine will generate prosperous relationships in a friendly atmosphere. 

The Forex Awards team is currently accepting your applications. Join the legendary b2b Forex Expo and get the chance to become the Best in such 39 nominations created by market experts as:

* Best Forex Broker

* Best Forex Payment System

* Best Forex Platforms & Solutions

* Best Forex Trading Services

* Best Forex Persona

* Best Forex Social Networks

* Best Forex News & Media

* Best Forex Website

Receive and respond to users’ feedback, invite more people to vote. Get the most points to become a winner and take the award. The rating is based on the feedback from visitors of the website from personal experience of interacting with the nominated companies. When posting a review, the user has the opportunity to rate the work of the broker/company on a five-point scale. Ratings are checked by Organizing Committee of Forex Awards Team.

The winner in each nomination is chosen by people from all over the world. The voting process lasts from January until October 2021. The exact date of the final voting day determines by the Organizing Committee. The final results and winners will be announced on the official Forex Awards website on November-December 2021.

When filling an application form, it is important to read the regulations and take into account all the requirements and recommendations.

Please find the terms and rules of the competition here.

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