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Getting help from recruiters is a game changer while applying for senior level jobs

We know that it’s easier said than done to change your job. Even though Europe provides an incredibly vibrant jobs market full of opportunities, finding “the one” is never easy. Especially if you’re actively working in a senior or higher position, you have less time to do research and need to take more risks than a junior.

You spend almost 25% of your week working. Then you only deserve the best and can’t settle for the bare minimum! So why not make it worth it? You might have a lot of criteria to consider in a job relationship, and unfortunately, no app allows you to swipe right when you find “the one”. But we do! 

At PCN, our focus is not only on finding the best candidates for our clients but also finding the best jobs for our candidates. With a simple CV send, PCN experts can match you with your perfect role. Join our talent pool now and keep reading to discover the opportunities of working with a recruiter during your job hunt. 

Can’t Talk, Best Companies to Work for Only!

Imagine the time it takes searching job boards and sending applications… Not a very fun process, is it? You probably have better things to do in life that keep you from copy-pasting your resume to 5 different company websites every day. You split the workload with a professional by working with recruiters who have spent years within complex and highly demanded industries like Fintech, SaaS, e-Commerce or CyberSecurity.

Our extensive knowledge of the markets and industries means that we’re the perfect partner for you to find your dream job. With 14+ years of working in matchmaking, we have the right connections to make you blush with opportunities.

Meet the cool kids of LinkedIn

Are you looking for an extensive network? That’s exactly what we can offer you. No offence, but a hiring manager at a big tech company is probably more approachable for an experienced headhunter than any other profile on LinkedIn. Perceive us as your cool friend, a social butterfly who wants to set you up with the profession of your dreams. 

The whole process of applying for a job by yourself can become a black box sometimes. There might have been many jobs you have never heard about after applying for. Unfortunately, ghosting is more popular than ever lately. But with a recruiter on your side, you have someone who can bridge the gap between you and the company of your dreams. Long story short, we’re here to break the ice and keep you updated starting from day one! 

Join the Talent Pool 

There is no guarantee of being hired at first sight, but why don’t you get your place in a pool of opportunities? Trust experts who will work continuously and care about your priorities. At PCN, we will look over your CV, taking care of your needs, employment situation and ambitions for the future to find the perfect opportunity for you. We promise that there’s no catfishing around here. Apply for our open job position for senior fintech professionals in Europe. Open your CV for new opportunities and get a step closer to your dream job. Finding your perfect job match is made easy by PCN experts!

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