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Hiring Trends To Expect in 2022

The past year was filled with numerous challenges for companies, from navigating a remote workforce to operating during a pandemic and evolving to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. Out of this, a new challenge emerged — hiring. Based on our webinar ‘Keep Up: The Key To FinTech Talent Attraction and Retention’, we gathered some of the top hiring trends in 2022 from industry experts Clarice De Chavez (Head of Talent Acquisition at Solarisbank AG), Chris Bell (VP of talent at Moss) and Amélie Berille (Talent Acquisition Manager at Swan). Jump into the blog below, to explore further.

High demand for tech skills 

It’s no surprise that the world of tech has gone through a vast amount of change since the pandemic. For people working in the industry, 2020 and 2021 was more about meeting demand than staying afloat. As remote work puts more pressure on companies to digitize, the demand for roles in IT will be even greater in 2022. Companies will be competing to find people with specialized skills in IT;  with jobs in cyber security, compliance, risk, fraud and payments highly sought after. Check out our tech roles. 

Expect an increase in incentives

We’re seeing it more and more, we find ourselves in a candidate driven market. Today’s trends have determined that it’s more about the companies selling to the candidates than the other way around. The impact of this culture shift is directly seen in stronger employer branding that advertises a ‘remote first’ or ‘digital nomad lifestyle’. Compensation is no longer the main driver when it comes to incentives. Read about our 4 day work-week.

Improved Communication for Leadership 

Leadership is very important in remote driven environments. The example set by your immediate team and leader, will be your perception of company culture. Moreover, leadership in hybrid environments will be driven by functions like collaboration, engagement and belongingness. Learn more about the advantages of investing in leadership here.

Candidate-driven marketplaces 

The next 24 months will witness a change in the talent market, driven predominantly by candidates. A number of professionals re-envisioned their careers during the pandemic, one of the major changes being the evolving expectations of their employers. To successfully attract and retain candidates in 2022, it will be essential to clearly communicate the responsibilities and expectations associated with the role. Learn how to prepare for candidate interviews with the PCN method.

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