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How To Successfully Onboard Your New Tech Hire

With the impressive rate at which the tech sector continues to develop, new systems and programs are being implemented on a regular basis. Moreover, tech departments are expanding at an astounding rate, consistently adding new talent to their growing teams. As a result, numerous tech companies have had to rework their onboarding processes to acclimate new employees to their role, familiarise them with company culture and what the organisation can offer them in the long run. Most importantly, it plays a big role in retaining talent — creating team members that are committed to success and allowing them to feel part of the team. 

Taking this into consideration, we’ve put together our top 5 tips when it comes to successfully onboarding your new tech hire. Read ahead! 

1.Personalise your tech onboarding 

When it comes to new tech staff, an onboarding plan tailored to each person’s unique function in the organisation makes for a much more effective integration. A few examples include having laptops configured to their role, with tools and apps tested before their start-date and the appropriate onboarding documentation updated and shared. In addition to the technical set up, preparing a schedule for their onboarding activities and internal processes can go a long way. With the array of tools and innovative apps at our disposal, tech onboarding couldn’t be easier and has never been more exciting. 

Two Women Looking at the Code at Laptop
“An onboarding plan tailored to each person’s unique function in the organisation makes for a much more effective integration.”

2. Focus on the social, not just the technical 

In tech, new hires often move cities and countries, when starting a new role. What often goes unnoticed is that they might not know anyone in town, let alone the office. Assigning a peer mentor, or welcoming committee to show them the ropes can serve as a great icebreaker between your new hire and the team. It also establishes a solid relationship with co-workers who can help show them the lay of the land. Most importantly, introductions between the new team member and their teammates, technical leaders and stakeholders can provide them with visibility into every part  of the organisation. 

3. Give them manageable tasks within their discipline

To promote early success, and a quicker integration within the first few weeks, managers must set reasonable expectations by assigning new developers simple, manageable tasks. These onboarding assignments will not only allow them to become familiar with the tech stack, but also showcase their skills and abilities. Try to run these exercises in a cross-functional manner across the entire engineering department to provide a more balanced picture of their new abilities. 

three men sitting on chair beside tables
“Onboarding assignments will not only allow them to become familiar with the tech stack, but also showcase their skills and abilities.”

4. Reinforce core company values 

Engaging your new additions with your organisation’s values from early on, is a great way to introduce team culture to the onboarding process. By being transparent when discussing your organisation’s mission and values, new tech hires will be able to clarify the purpose behind what you’re doing everyday. In addition, meeting with senior leadership who can reinforce and repeat those core values across the company will reaffirm the focus and priorities that come with their role. 

5. Encourage new hires to provide feedback

By encouraging new additions to provide feedback on your onboarding process, you will be able to accurately access the changes needed to optimise the onboarding process and overall employee experience. Moreover, by pushing new hires to challenge the status quo, not only do you have precious insight into the success of your own processes, but it also focuses your organisation to look at problems in a fresh way — through the eyes of someone seeing them for the first time. 

person holding white card near green plant
“By pushing new hires to challenge the status quo, you focus your organisation to look at problems in a fresh way.”

Looking for your next tech hire?

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