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Landing Your First IT Job With A Coding Bootcamp

Joining a  coding bootcamp is an investment of your time, money and commitment. It is crucial to organize yourself to make the best out of this educational experience. With the appropriate approach, you can make the most out of it and land your first IT job shortly after. This article will tell you what else you can do to get the most out of the bootcamp experience. 

Firstly, Think about why you decided to join a bootcamp 

The most common answer is because it offers you an effective and efficient manner to change your professional path. It is a well-planned educational path that will allow you to gain the right skillset. If you choose a bootcamp with a strong alumni base, you are guaranteed to have concrete examples of this educational process. Their success is a confirmation of the sucessof a given bootcamp. 

Brace yourself. Coding is growing. 

Start earlier. Don’t wait for the course to begin. Being a programmer is a constant learning experience, and it’s best to gain knowledge right away. For example, at the Coders Lab bootcamp you will be required to complete the Prework – material designed to level the knowledge among the course participants. 

It’s also a good idea to develop correct habits that will protect you from minor challenges in the future. Save every version of your code, write simple and concise explanations to its parts. This will provide a good foundation for when you start working with a larger team. 

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When challenged, it’s important to have psychological support to overcome obstacles. For a successful bootcamp, it’s essential to exchange queries and information with other participants in the group. Try to integrate with your peers and be open to cooperation. 

Additional projects

For an employer, the certificate you obtain after completing a course does not guarantee a Junior position. You need a portfolio. It proves that you know how to use your coding knowledge while showcasing how creative and independent you are when implementing your ideas.  You’ll be creating your first project under experienced programmers’ guidance, you’ll learn how to think and work to achieve your goal. Be more determined and keep realizing your ideas to broaden the scope of knowledge. Only practice will allow you to become an expert. 

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Interviews and the entry into the IT community

Research whether your chosen bootcamp offers mentoring programmes and opportunities to enter the IT community. It is also essential to get support or advice when preparing a suitable CV. We recommend updating your profile on LinkedIn and GitHub even before the course is finished. Having an online portfolio will set you apart from entry-level candidates who often neglect this stage in fear that their portfolio is too weak. 

Once you have sent in your CV and have been invited to an interview, come prepared. Get to know the company’s activity and see its communication on social media and their website. Find out how the company is perceived on portals, what reviews it has. Obtaining this information will be helpful for you during the meeting with the recruiter, who will notice that you are not only looking for a job, but you want to work in the offered position. Also, be active during the interview, take notes, ask questions. 

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Set your goals 

This simple trick will help you through challenging moments. Hang a piece of paper with the motivations behind enrolling in a bootcamp. 

Include information such as:

The reasons behind going through this experience

Your possible earnings after completing the course.

What you need to do to achieve these goals 

With this insight, you’ll have clarity when you stumble upon the right bootcamp.

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