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Interview with Adrian Sanders, CEO of Chargehound

We’re back with another episode of In Check with Fintech! This week, we welcome our guest Adrian Sanders, CEO of Chargehound, to discuss Chargebacks, Friendly Fraud & how Chargehound is impacting businesses down the line. Enjoy listening!

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The PCN Magazine contains valuable insights delivered by experts and business leaders from the industry. Alongside thought leader articles and interviews, we feature the hottest start-ups, emerging markets, latest events and conferences worldwide.

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Volume 6 – Issue 4

January, 2021

From the most in-depth insights, over the most profound conversations, to the most innovative strategies – the new issue of PCN Magazine is here! Read about the Decentralized Financial Revolution with Consensys, Enormous opportunities and tricky challenges in emerging markets with dLocal. Open innovation – A story of transformation showcased by Cielo making exceptional progress in their markets. A Brief History of disruption described by Aikon, as the world moves toward a digital future. The Top 8 Amsterdam and Berlin fintech. An insider guide to nailing your LinkedIn profile. Events, webinars, podcasts, hot jobs, and more!

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