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Meet Michaela – Digital Source Internal Interviews

In the Digital Source Internal Interview Series you can get to know our team members better. In our first interview, let us introduce you to Michaela Murphy who is a Front End & Full Stack Consultant at Digital Source.

Where are you from?

Johannesburg, South Africa but I grew up in the Middle East (Dubai)

How long have you been working at Digital Source?

I have now been working at Digital Source for 1 year and 2 months.

How is it working at Digital Source?

No two days look the same! Working with clients and candidates from around the world with different ways of interacting and communication styles definitely keep you on your toes. There is a lot of opportunities to really develop your own desk and flexibility in the way you do it, with training for a solid basis and guidelines but there is the chance to really put your own recruitment twist on it. You’re able to come into the office (or home office) every day and really mold and create your own day.

Is there something you learned from recruitment that you can use in other aspects of your life?

Yes! Recruitment, like life, can throw some rough curve balls at you but you really have to learn to see the positive in every situation, not let it get you down and pick yourself back up and run at it again.

Why do you think Digital Source is not like any other recruitment agency?

We are a small, really close-knit team who really are very passionate about finding the right fit for every team. We aren’t looking to just add another CV to the pile but really show how efficient recruitment can be if you have the right team on hand. Dedicated to the smallest detail, because it is often the smallest details that can make the biggest difference.

What would you suggest to candidates who are looking for a new opportunity?

Make sure your CV is up to date and lists all relevant experience – don’t be afraid to go into the roles and describe what you were doing as well – don’t just list experience.

Always list your preferred tech stack and your experience with it in each role ( it’s also very helpful to briefly mention how long you’ve worked with each)
Job hunting can be quite daunting with multiple avenues and not knowing where to start – Get in touch with a specialist recruiter, they will have insider market knowledge and can always point you in the right direction.

Tell us your funniest memory or the most memorable moment with the team!

Over the course of the year, there is a lot to choose from – so I’ll share a selection:

  • Walking around in circles (a little lost) in the middle of Berlin with Simon after a long day after client meetings.
  • Our team Christmas dinner – it always pops up because it was a lovely evening of wine ( a few cocktails) and chatting about the year to the point that we may have missed our next activity.
  • Anything with the office pup Moriarty – from seeing the team play fetch with him the corridor to bringing him up on the chair at the table like a little recruiter himself- always brings a smile!

What do you work towards in your free time?

In my free time, I really enjoy cooking – at the moment I am attempting to learn how to make bread!

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. Always.

Pool or ping pong?

Even though we have a ping pong table in the office, I’m going to have a pick pool.

Favorite place to be in Amsterdam?

Under a tree by the canal near my apartment with a book and a glass of wine.

Would you rather have super hearing or super sight and why?

I’d love to have super hearing. I’m quite a nosy person ( good thing I’m in recruitment) so being able to hear everyone’s conversations could be quite interesting.

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