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PCN Pulse- Monzo introduces 3 month sabbatical, Bolt launches 4-day-work-week, Coinbase shuts San Francisco HQ

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British digital bank Monzo introduces a three-month paid sabbatical for its 2,100 employees who have worked for four years in either one block or one month. Other companies are Citigroup, ABN AMRO, and Bank of America.

PCN is proud to be an advocate of a four day work week since March 2020. We’re happy to see more companies adopt a four day work week with the latest examples including Atom Bank, Bolt, Panasonic Japan, Microsoft Japan, and Kickstarter.

With guidelines easing up especially in PCN’s homebase Amsterdam and people are heading back into the office, many companies to switch to remote work-first or made it optional. Within fintech, saas, ecommerce, and cyber space, big names like Shopify, Coinbase, and Coinbase have chosen to go remote friendly. Coinbase will no longer have a HQ and will shut down its San Francisco former HQ in 2022.

AirBnB recently reported that city travel is almost back to pre pandemic times.

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