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It’s not you, it’s the Great Resignation…

You might have said this cheesy break up line to your manager in the last two years, especially if you’re a senior professional who works for fast growing industries like IT, SaaS, fintech or cybersecurity. With the expanding job opportunities for tech people in financial services, the Great Resignation is still an ongoing trend, not only in the US but also in Europe. 

Even though many companies recently experienced huge lay-offs, some specific job groups like developers, engineers or even account executives in the industries mentioned above were not affected much from this recent crisis. Therefore, talents from these working fields are still highly demanded due to the many open positions to fill. The question is, why do they decide to quit their job recently and how can they move on with another one so fast? 

The great resignation, quitting your job, finding a new job

Why are there so many job opportunities for tech people in the middle of a crisis? 

Is there no possibility of being unemployed for IT people anymore? Before moving onto the reasons for the Great Resignation, it’s better to understand why and how people can be so confident while quitting their jobs. 

Certainly, the latest improvements in the automated workforce started to become a risk for white as well as blue collar workers by replacing many valuable human skills with automation. However, this transition is not as fast as it seems. Nowadays, companies are still looking for people who have a good command of softwares along with other soft skills for managerial roles.

Therefore, if you are a senior professional with 1-2 years of work experience in programming languages like PHP, Javascript or SQL, get ready to be treated like gold dust by recruiters and hiring managers. You are the one who can fill the lack of software knowledge in the job market and there are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for you. 

Developer engineering jobs in Europe

Main reasons for the Great Resignation

According to PwC’s report, 40% of the employees’ main motivation to resign is financial concerns. The following reasons were reported as the lack of chance for advancement in their current job and the poor work-life balance. Especially after the pandemic, people started to enjoy working remotely more. Instead of rearranging their whole life to fit their work, they started to want their work to fit their life. 

Companies that couldn’t keep up with these new priorities and expectations of employees found themselves trapped in a high turnover rate and couldn’t sustain a decent level of retention after hiring. Consequently, new trends that support well-being at the workplace and improve work-life balance like a 4 day work week started to gain popularity day by day. 

How can you know if there is a better job for you out there?

In spite of the high demand for tech skills in the work industry, resigning without a plan in the time of an anticipated downsizing for the job market might still not be the wisest thing to do. It’s always better for you to have an alternative choice before you resign from your current job. 

Try to do your job and market research while you’re still working for your current company.  Once you have some options to compare, it will also be easier for you to evaluate your current benefits, expectations and satisfaction with your current job. However, we all know that job hunting can be very time taking.

PCN is here to save your time in the job hunting process by finding your perfect match based on your preferences and skillset. We know you spend too much time on work, so why don’t we make it worth it? We’re not only the recruiters who please the clients but also the gateway to fintech for our candidates by finding the best fit for their next career step. 

Apply to our open position for senior fintech professionals and let us find you the job that will make you wanna wake up early in the mornings without a Monday syndrome!

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