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Passive yet active: Making your LinkedIn profile work for you

Sure, we’ve all heard it before—you need to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and professional. But, there’s more to making your LinkedIn profile work for you than that.

You don’t have to be actively looking for a job to make sure your LinkedIn profile is helping establish you as a professional to keep an eye on. Maybe you’re not looking for a change right now, things are going great, and you just got promoted. Nonetheless, as people who work at a Recruitment Agency we’re aware that there may be opportunities you weren’t seeking that might be perfect for you. Employers may be looking to fill your dream job. And that’s why, even when you’re passive in your job search, there are still ways to make your LinkedIn profile serve you well for the future. Here’s a few tips to make sure your LinkedIn profile is doing you a favor:

Passive options:

LinkedIn has recently rolled out a new feature for those seeking a subtle yet active approach. With Open Recruiter, you can let others know you’re interested in new opportunities quietly and subtly.  You can find the feature on the LinkedIn jobs page, under “Preferences”.  This is a great way to see what options are out there for you without committing to a job hunt or quitting. Activating this feature allows Recruiters to see that you’re considering new options. This can open you up to new opportunities without you lifting a finger.

Reflect your skill set on your LinkedIn profile:

Padding out your LinkedIn profile means that you need to work less when the time comes for a job switch. Additionally, it allows Recruiters or competitors to see what makes you stand out from the crowd of candidates. And when they see that killer project you took the lead on or the new initiatives that you began at work, they’ll be able to get a feel for what you did above and beyond the job description.

Your job description:

You don’t need to be actively searching to put together a great profile. Making sure your hard work is evident is another way to make your LinkedIn profile work harder for you. Slapping down your job title and logging out isn’t enough.  Explain what it is you’re doing at work each day. That means clean, concise and engaging descriptions. Try to give concrete examples of what you achieve at work instead of abstract concepts. What KPIs and targets did you hit? By what percent did you increase social media engagement at work? Now share that. Your biography is also a great place to share a bit more about your passions, both in the office and outside. This is another subtle method of padding out your LinkedIn profile. In this way, even while you’re busy and content at your current position, you’re presenting yourself as the well-rounded and interesting person that you are. And if you do decide to begin the job search, you can seamlessly begin connecting with others or speaking with Recruiters without scrambling to update your work experience or interests. When you put in the effort of creating a LinkedIn profile, it’s common sense to make it work for you.

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