Delivering custom made partnerships

First steps

We will get to know you and your priorities in a meeting with recruiter (digital or coffee)

Second steps

We will get an introduction and conduct an interview for your new project. This is where we will get down to the details and any upcoming talking points.

Last steps

Finalising and setting up the contract, we may also be celebrating to completed deal.


Custom made partnerships

Every client requires a different approach so finding the right candidate for your company can be difficult and mostly time- consuming. This is where PCN Projects takes action.

We help you to find the right candidate within a short amount of time and facilitate the career transition period for both parties. This experience has been optimized throughout trial and error.

Our recruitment process is totally streamlined to attract, hire and retain the best professionals for your organization.

Michiel Ebberink, CODE D’AZUR
You have recruiters and you have Youri at Team PCN. Few recruiters approach you with such enthusiasm and sincerity. Without too much hassle I was through him at a very nice job. Youri is also very involved, even well after the start of the job. From a customer perspective I can imagine that he is just as involved. This makes him really the right person to find the perfect candidate.
Ruben Bruijnje, CODE D’AZUR
Man of his word! Youri has a very nice personality and immediately feels familiar. Due to the fast switching, I was able to have a call for a job the next day and had a new job within 24 hours. Many recruiter can learn something from that!
Vincent van der Toorn, Keen Design
PCN's Youri is een betrokken recruiter die met je meedenkt. Hij heeft mij in mijn zoektocht naar een UX design baan goed geholpen, als een gesprek niet liep als ik had verwacht wist hij mij weer enthousiast te maken voor een volgend gesprek. Ik raad hem zeker aan, hij snapt goed wat voor specifieke uitdagingen de UX jobhunt met zich meebrengt en helpt je daar op voor te bereiden. Door zijn hulp zit ik nu bij een baan die goed bij mij past.
Kirill Zima, Verifone
Youri helped me to find my new challenge. I can recommend Youri as a recruiter who replies to your messages on time, who's very flexible in terms of picking good time for calls, gives you all the necessary information and easy to work with in general. Good luck Youri!
Rohit Dubey, Verifone
I’m very pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Youri Roelofs as a Job Recruitment Consultant. I have been consistently impressed with Youri's attitude and his sense of humor since the first day he contacted me for the respective position. He was quick to understand the kind of role I was looking for, recognizing my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. He was always helpful, reachable and has helped me with the recruitment process, I found him very friendly, engaging, intelligent and high in integrity.
Dean Milojevic, RTL Nederland
Youri is a great guy all around. He has a great sense of humor which resonates with most people and makes the process of switching jobs much easier. He provides detailed information and is always there to answer any questions. He stays in touch long after his part is finished, just to check in and say hi. This is a trait that shows that he cares about people that he works with and it is something that many senior guys could learn from him

Our partners and clients


Temporary professionals are there to fill a gap, replace an urgent position or because you just like to work with a flexible workforce. We get these situations and know how to solve it.

Contact us for your personal recruitment solutions.

Perm to contracts

Perm to contracts is a very often used combination of services. Where we, PCN, can provide the full package. We fill the temporary gap immediately with a desired professional and simultaneously headhunt a permanent employee. In that way you’re never empty handed and can keep on growing as a company.


Hiring more experienced talent requires a different approach and these processes have to be custom made. We have a portfolio of success cases in finding ‘the one and only’ for our clients, therefor convinced we can work our way together to solve your recruitment questions.

Contact us for your personal recruitment solution.

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