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Press Release: Simplify and accelerate the launch of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Digital Cards with the Antelop Issuer TSP

The payment ecosystem faces disruptive changes: the Digital Card replaces more and more the physical card. Cardholders ask for a digital customer experience and a digitized card in a mobile application. 

Digital cards and tokenization become a standard. 

Schemes centralized Token Service Providers (TSPs) ensure secure card digitization and replace a PAN by a token dedicated to a specific use case. This increases control possibilities for the user and reduces fraud. Now, banks only need to connect to schemes’ TSPs to onboard any digital payment innovation like OEM Pays (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay), NFC Issuer wallets, e-commerce tokenization … However, Schemes tokenization onboarding and Token Management can be very complex for banks, even more when they have in-house debit systems and Credit+Prepaid at different 3rd party processors. 

Banks need a unified service for Digital Cards across systems and processors. Antelop addresses this need with its Issuer TSP Hub: it provides unified and certified APIs for banks to onboard schemes tokenization and OEM Pays in a simplified way. It enables them to move from Card Management to Token Management, regardless of the evolution of their traditional card systems. Even more when Digital Cards are included in banking apps, like the now mandatory Apple Pay push provisioning. 

The Antelop Issuer TSP Hub provides unified connectivity for issuers to schemes tokenization: Visa VTS, Mastercard MDES and CB 

The Antelop PCI DSS platform offers a unified certified set of API enabling banks to launch all Digital Cards use cases and flows (OEM NFC wallets, issuer wallets and e-commerce tokens) through a simplified connection. This also allows enriching existing banking applications. 

It handles all Digitization messages from schemes (inbound and outbound) for banks: ● from standard user initiated provisioning to complex Apple Pay push provisioning, incl. PAN encryption and cryptographic keys management 

● managing ID & V processes between banks systems and schemes TSPs: checking card eligibility, routing the right authentication methods in case of step-up, connecting to SMS/mail gateway for OTP activation, generating push provisioning data, managing in-app enrollment and authentication, … 

The Antelop iTSP Hub offers a holistic approach and natively includes advanced Token Lifecycle Management functionalities. 

● Manage tokens (suspend, unsuspend, delete) in a unified, multi-scheme and multi-use case way

● Benefit from web Back-office tools or APIs version as an extension of your CMS ● Get an aggregate view of tokens per client (CardID, Devices, Tokens, Use cases…) across schemes and CMS 

● Reassign a new PAN to existing tokens when the PAN is updated (e.g. stolen, lost or card renewal) 

Upgrade the iTSP Hub with our Token Manager 

Bring more convenience and self-care to users’ card management through the bank app with the Antelop Token Manager. It is an extra set of APIs exposed to the bank app that offers a consolidated token view and allows clients to push and control all of their digital cards stored into different e-commerce merchants and NFC wallets. It also natively supports Apple Pay push provisioning required for banks. 

The Antelop iTSP is certified Visa VTS, Mastercard MDES and CB for issuers

The solution is hosted in a certified PCI-DSS environment in the European Union (GDPR-compliant). It already is live with several banks and processors in the EU, LATAM and MEA. It is certified for all available use cases (e.g. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, FitBit Pay, e-commerce tokens). 

Banks can launch Apple Pay in the fastest way (about 3 months) through the Antelop APIs It allows to leverage card schemes with the latest innovations and digital wallets and to reduce time-to-market and costs through a simplified and flexible integration. Banks can avoid legacy card-system and processors dependency, while relying on high-availability, high-scalability PCI DSS SaaS platform with the highest security standards and certifications 

A holistic approach to a digital card experience 

All API connections to schemes are already certified and managed by Antelop. The scheme project complexity is reduced and certification processes are simplified. 

Overall, via a simple set of unified APIs, the Antelop Issuer TSP Hub allows banks to easily launch Apple Pay, Google Pay, … and to manage digitization and lifecycle management messages from schemes TSPs in a unified and simplified manner. The Antelop iTSP allows banks to provide a mobile-first, digital card experience to their customers. 

About Antelop 

Founded in 2014, Antelop is the Digital Card Partner of banks, certified Visa, Mastercard and CB, answering their Digitization challenges. 

We digitize cards and secure banking apps. Antelop enables banks to launch Apple Pay / Google Pay / any Pay and facilitates Digital Card / Token Management. We also secure banking apps through our Authentication SDK covering all use cases (secure card display, 3DS biometrics, account login, transfers authentication …). 

Supported by large international partners, our solutions are live in 20+ countries with proven track-record. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date. You can contact us at

Source: Antelop

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