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Startup Spotlight: Trilo

Hamish Blythe

Hamish is the founder and CEO of Trilo. Having been frustrated with the payment world for the past few years, he set out building Trilo, an entirely new payments network. 

Redefining Payments 

Hamish Blythe, the founder of Trilo, was becoming increasingly frustrated by the complexity, high costs, and fraud risks which the traditional card rails provide. After losing 3.4% to high transaction fees with his previous startup, and incurring several instances of fraud personally, Hamish set out on a mission to change the payments landscape, creating an efficient, rewarding and secure way to pay.

Trilo is a whole new way to pay, combining loyalty and payments in one simple platform. Merchants receive their money in minutes for only 0.2%, while engaging with their customers all in one platform. The merchant experience is at the heart of Trilo’s design, by ensuring merchants no longer need to deal with a ceaseless list of middlemen and expensive card schemes. While many incumbents and upcoming payments providers are focusing purely on the merchant experience, Trilo has built an end to end payments network with a strong focus on the consumer experience. 

Through Trilo, merchants engage directly with their customers. With a focus on consumers, Trilo ensures the customer’s payment experience is frictionless and rewarding. Wherever consumers pay, they will instantly receive 1% cashback when they pay. The cashback incentive means merchants invest instantly in their customers through Trilo. Improving their customers’ experience, while increasing the average transaction value. This model of customer engagement creates high customer loyalty to merchants in the Trilo network. 

How Trilo Works

Consumers sign up and create their Trilo account once on their first visit to any of the merchants in the Trilo network in a few seconds. After this, they pay with a few taps. Everything happens on their phone, with no app needed, enabling seamless payments for both in-person and online purchases.

Trilo has recently received their FCA authorisation for both AIS and PIS activities, giving the company the ability to unlock even more potential for merchants and consumers who have joined.

Ultra-Efficient Payments

Merchants’ money arrives in a few minutes, all for just 0.2%. For larger merchants, Trilo has an Enterprise tier, where Trilo has wiped out transaction fees altogether, replacing them with a bespoke subscription 

Built-in Loyalty

Merchants invest cashback in their customers, instantly and effortlessly, improving their customers’ experience, and unlocking their revenue.

Omnichannel Platform

Trilo has solved both online and offline payments. Merchants can accept payments from customers regardless of connection status.

Unlimited Contact-Free

All offline payments are facilitated through QR codes, thereby Trilo can provide high-value contact-free payments. This allows customers to pay without the risk of touching a pin pad in the post-COVID-19 world.


Trilo works with merchants to convert their customers away from cards, creating a rewarding reason to switch. The more customers who convert to Trilo, the more efficient the network becomes for all parties reducing their costs and cash flow delay associated with cards. While improving their customer experience.

Trilo’s mission

Why should businesses be charged 1%, 2%, 3% whenever they get paid? Why should merchants wait for days before receiving their money, while incurring the high costs and risks of card fraud?

Trilo’s mission is to redefine payments, connecting merchants and consumers like never before. To accomplish this, Trilo has built a new payments network using Open Banking, completely cutting out the middlemen and card schemes. 

The payment experience with Trilo is seamless for the customer, making user’s lives easier and increasingly rewarding. 

Trilo integrates loyalty and payments in one simple platform for businesses. Whether the merchant is operating online, offline or both, Trilo improves the way merchants engage with their customers, putting merchants and consumers’ needs at the heart of the network. 

Trilo has launched their Early Bird programme recently, join them now to earn exclusive rewards! : 

Simplicity is one of Trilo’s key goals. 
Businesses can start using Trilo in minutes…Customers can pay in seconds through their phone browser – no app required!

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