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Tech Roles of The Future: Our Take

During the pandemic, we’ve witnessed a whirlwind pivot from brick and mortar businesses to going online. Internet-based companies have gone from strength to strength, while other sectors have been eliminated altogether. Forbes Magazine reports that this trend will only continue, with careers of the future requiring people skilled and qualified in careers involving the cloud, internet of things, big data and augmented reality. As the technology sector continues to get hotter, specific skill sets have carved out a niche of their own. Here is our take on specialised tech roles that will be in strong demand for the foreseeable future. 

.NET Developer 

In the current era of website development, several companies are moving to the dot net framework to build their applications. Armed with the knowledge of diverse libraries, it offers a great collection of tools and features that can be used in any type of web or mobile application. In addition to designing, modifying, writing and implementing software programming components and applications, dot net developers must consistently upgrade and reinvent themselves to stay ahead in their market. In this way, the dot net market has significantly expanded, offering a wide range of specialized skills and making it a highly competitive field. The future of the role will be no different, as these skills will only continue to be the most sought after within the programming arena. Check out our latest role for dot net developers here. 

“Dot net developers must consistently upgrade and reinvent themselves to stay ahead in their market”

Data Engineers 

Most data engineers wear many hats today. Data engineers steer data in the right direction with plenty of skill, researching and creating the software infrastructure required. Data engineering ultimately paves the way for each company to set up its own competences for the digital future. With a building demand for big data projects, the potential for growth in this occupation is extremely promising. It’s no surprise that data engineering is one of the fastest-growing jobs in tech, with 50% year-over-year growth in numerous open positions. Have a look at our recent roles for data engineers here. 

Technical Lead

A tech lead is a software engineer responsible for leading a team and alignment of the technical direction. They have a great deal of experience in software development and deep understanding of technology, but they should also be personable enough to effectively lead a team and collaborate with others. Tech-driven companies understand the relevance and purpose of technical advancements and innovations, which make it easy for them to embrace the shift in tech leadership roles. In the future, the varying scope of tech leads will evolve and expand further to cater to dynamic market demands, customer landscapes, technological discoveries and business requirements. Browse through our latest vacancy for tech lead here. 

“Tech-driven companies understand the relevance and purpose of technical advancements and innovations.”

Machine Learning Engineer

The hype is real, and very justified, when it comes to this profession. Machine learning techniques are embedded in almost everything, from vehicles, to smartphones to even fridges. Working closely with data scientists, machine learning engineers make sure that the models used by data scientists can analyse large amounts of data for accurate results. When these disciplines work in sync, they create technologies for companies that were once considered impractical and impossible. In this way, ML Engineers are paving the future of the tech world by enabling industries to leverage disruptive technologies. Globally, machine learning jobs are projected to be worth almost $1 billion by 2024. 

Technological change has reshaped the workplace continually over the past two centuries since the Industrial Revolution, but the speed with which automation technologies are developing today, and the scale at which they could disrupt the world of work, are largely without precedent. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

“ML Engineers are paving the future of the tech world by enabling industries to leverage disruptive technologies.”

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