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The Top European Cities For Jobs In Ecommerce & Fintech

The European Union has become an established hub for fintech and e-commerce companies with each passing year. According to Savill’s report, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Paris have quickly emerged as key locations in the fields, with Amsterdam coming close to being crowned Europe’s new financial capital. Just as organisations have distinctive traits that differentiate them from competitors, fintech hubs possess certain unique qualities based on their history and local intricacies. Read ahead to learn more about some of the hottest European hubs in Ecommerce and Fintech!

  1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has held onto its reputation as a magnet for startups over the past decade. Ranked as Europe’s 4th largest startup hub in 2020, it currently competes in a close-fought match with London for first place. Some of the organisations the city is currently home to include Mollie, Adyen and Bunq; all of which are listed amongst the top 15 fintechs to work for in 2021. In addition, the dutch capital is also a popular spot for the European headquarters of e-commerce giants Under Armour and Nike. Moreover, the presence of these names boosts the establishment of e-commerce focused web & mobile service developers like Mifort and SapientPro as well. Explore all our Amsterdam-based roles here. 

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2. London

Despite Brexit, London is still recognised as the second hub for fintech and e-commerce in Europe. Based on its rich history and resources for financial goods and services, its major selling point stems from the strong base of founders and investors within the fintech and e-commerce space. Within this extensive pool of new talent, TransferGo and Luno stand out as two of the top finance and technology companies to work for in the city. Moreover, the rise of crypto currencies is expected to further expand opportunities for enterprises such as these. and Fy are two such examples that have accelerated the growth of e-commerce and have supported companies situated in the fast-paced environment. Jump into all our latest opportunities in London here. 

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3. Berlin

Another European capital that’s quickly attracting new talent with an explosion of fintech and e-commerce companies is Berlin. More specifically, when it comes to open banking and changing payment structures, the city hosts a vast amount of promising players like N26, Taxfix and Friday. These fast growing companies are expanding their teams both domestically and internationally. As a result, hiring young international professionals is the perfect strategy for expanding their current reach. Taking all things into consideration, Berlin has proven to be an ideal location for fantastic career opportunities in Europe. Have a look at our latest jobs in Berlin here

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4. Paris

As the front-running competitor of the German capital, Paris has quickly gained momentum for careers in Fintech since 2018, attracting 365 million in funding. In fact, the city even managed to land first place on the list for Best Fintechs to Work for in 2021, being home to payments solution startup Spendesk. Besides that, the city has experienced impressive growth on insurance and payment solutions for SMEs as well. Some of the companies that have contributed to this growth rate over the past few years include Shift Technology, Alan and PayFit. Dive into all our latest roles in Paris here. 

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