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Empowering women to code: Coding academies vetted by Digital Source

According to Forbes, women represent 26% of all positions in the tech industry and only about 16% at the executive level. As specialists in tech recruitment, we believe that it is more pressing than ever before to close the widening gender gap in our industry. 

To do this successfully, education is key! With that being said, we partnered up with the top 5 coding academies in Europe: Le Wagon, Codeworks, Coders Lab, Winc Academy & Ubiqum who spoke with us about the need for higher inclusivity for women in tech, in addition to offering special discounts for our female readers. 

Dive into the blog below and sign up for one of their courses!

Le Wagon 

Locations: Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas, Africa, Middle East & Online Courses

About the company: With 10,000+ alumni trained in 45+ cities worldwide, Le Wagon is the leader in immersive tech education teaching actionable tech skills in Web Development & Data Science. According to the Le Wagon team: “Inclusivity is crucial when closing the gender gap in tech and we believe that this stems from three key pillars; relatability, community and accessibility. To make women more willing to project themselves in a tech role, creating a safe and welcoming environment  and  ensuring that coding is available to all.”

Discount Offered: 10% discount to their 9 or 24 weeks courses by including “WOMENINLEWAGON” code in the motivation section for applying to upcoming bootcamps. Applies to Full-time (January 10th – March 11th) and Part-time (April 2nd – September 10th)


Locations: Barcelona, Berlin, London & Online Courses

About the company: Codeworks believes technology helps overcome barriers. They nurture creative talent, and empower smart people to be successful through their Software Engineering, Immersive and Web Development Immersive courses. To overcome the gender gap in the tech industry, the team says: ​​”An important step to getting more women into the technology industry is exposing young women to tech from a young age. Also, tech companies need to be held accountable and more women in power need to invest and found tech companies.”

Discount Offered: To be eligible for the €500 discount, you can apply the courses through the link below.

Direct application link 

Coders Lab IT Academy

Locations: Poland, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Indonesia & Online Courses

About the company: Throughout the last 8 years, almost 8,000 people in 6 different countries have completed Coders Lab coding bootcamps. With this experience, CodersLab curriculum reflects the industry’s requirements toward Junior Developers. They offer remote and on-site courses in JavaScript and Python. The team’s thoughts on sustaining gender equality in the tech industry is as follows: “We believe that the best way to do this is to educate women and enable them to acquire digital skills. It is good if education is enhanced by participation in mentoring programs or engagement in the life of the female-centric IT communities.”

Discount offered: 20% Discount on an online course with the code “WOMENINCLAB20” 

Winc Academy 

Locations: Amsterdam & Online Courses

About the company: Winc Academy contributes to sustaining equal opportunities in the technology industry by offering remote courses to become a junior developer or data analyst. The academy is proud to share that 40% of their students are female and they will keep encouraging women to educate themselves and change their careers to IT! The team shares:  “To get more women into tech, they need to learn the necessary digital skills. This means that education must be widely available and attractive to women.”

Discount offered: 10% discount on all courses with the code “WINC-WOMEN-IN-TECH-10%”


Locations: Barcelona, Madrid, Geneva & Online Courses

About the company: Ubiqum Code Academy offers highly immersive bootcamps that equips students from all backgrounds with the technical skills and experience they need to be 100% employable in the technology sector. The Ubiqum team says: “With fairer working environments across the industry, we can start reducing the gender gap while making tech more appealing to women who are just starting out in their careers.”

Discount Offered: Mention “WOMEN IN TECH” code when speaking with your Career Advisors. Applies to course in Web Development with Java & Data Analytics (10% discount) and Web Development with JavaScript (5% discount).

Follow our Women In Tech Week!

From October 11th-15th, and together with our sister brand PCN, we will be dedicating our channels to highlighting the voices of women in tech. Join us as we reveal a new content piece each day, in an effort to bridge the gender gap and promote gender equality  for all. 

Are you already a woman in tech looking for your next opportunity? Then don’t forget to check out our jobs page and register for our closing Networking Event on 15th October!

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