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We’re excited to introduce you to the new look of our brand and website

When Payments and Cards Network started on the back of our CEO Jordan’s surfing days in Cadiz, the business was young and opportunistic. The company began life as a Linkedin group in 2007 (was a big thing back then), then refined in 2012. Soon after our COO Rogier joined and the journey of Payments & Cards Network truly began. 

For the last 8 years Payments and Cards network has flourished into a staple name in the industry with offices in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin, Singapore. All these changes and developments have meant that Payments and Cards Network has outgrown its early appearance and manifesto. 

This year we have been undergoing some changes within and on the outside. We’ve been working on a new brand that communicates our team, ethos, client feedback and future plans. The power of people, the nature of adventure and creativity means that we can flourish in the right networks. 

Feedback from the team

First we ran some questions about our brand with our employees and gathered the opinions of those that are working within the company. We tried to figure out what areas could be improved and what needed to be completely dropped from the brand.

We were then able to look at the brand that we have and were able to make some collective decisions about how we could improve the brand.

Example of the old branding
Development process

After months of research and design development we were able to create a brand that really spoke truly about us, and a new logo that had the character that we want to showcase. A big thanks to Webfluencer for the development of the website and the implementation of the new brand identity design. The team is happy with the brand and we’re all excited to the future.

Our new PCN logo

The new branding is reflective of the company culture, approach to business and is ready for the future as we venture into new markets. Previously we were just Payments & FinTech, now we will expand into SaaS, eCommerce & Cyber Security.

We have updated our brand guidelines to reflect how the company and employees approach making connections in the industry. A subtle change from Payments and Cards Network to just PCN is a welcome relief for a brand that has been ultimately using the shorter version. This was a key part of the feedback that we gathered both from employees and clients. The colour guidelines have been updated for a much nicer appearance both on web and print. The new logo and lock up opportunities means that we’re ready for business collaborations and media partnerships in the future.

Example of visual communication

Our new website is a refreshing look that showcases the companies personality and allows us to show the growth ongoing both internally and externally.

The PCN Manifesto/Ethos has also been updated. With the the letters PCN not being confined to the meaning Payments and Cards Network, the new meanings are flexible and can be adapted to different messages.

We have also introduces some animations that are in line with the rebrand. These are Pulse, Curve and Nodes. Pulse is to represent the fact that we are always on top of the industry and connected to all the updates. This is how we are staying ahead of the rest in recruitment. Curve is represent all the moments where using plan B is a key to success, allowing our business to be flexible and reactive when it needs to be. Finally, Nodes is to represent one of our key strengths as PCN which is making connections and building networks between clients, people and the further industry.


The company will be further opening its ambitions for collaboration, extending the outlets of media communication and also business partnerships. We will be building on our specialisms and branching out into new markets that align with the new PCN, including FinTech, SaaS, eCommerce & Cyber Security. We pleased to showcase our ever changing extension logo sets that are ready for out future adventures. With a set guideline and grid the PCN logo can be flexible with the needs of the media/marketing team.

PCN Team extension
PCN Events extension

We also had a look at how we can dress the team and we created some new garments that the team will be able to wear at home, at work or enjoying their Fridays with our 4-Day-Week program still running.

New merch for the company

This is our new brand and we look forward to showcasing the brand this year, this is the new PCN.

People create networks.

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