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LONDON – 22 July, 2021: Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)provider Zip.Co Limited (ASX: Z1P), has today announced a new unified purpose and brand identity across its global operations.  Launched in the UK in March 2021, Zip is one of the fastest-growing Buy Now, Pay Later lenders in the world, partnering in the
Staying on the beat – July 12 – July 19 2021 From Startups to Unicorns Railsbank raises $70M expanding fintech-as-a-service platform. Financial services as a service — where neobanks, retailers and others can create and sell their financial products has been one of the bigger trends in the world
Today, Cake and Sopra Banking Software (SBS), announced that Cake for Banks Solution will now be available for SBS European Customers through Marketplace. For Cake, this is a new step in fulfilling its Belgian and European ambitions. SBS is hereby expanding the services they offer to their customers.          Cake Belgian
Netcetera to enable outstanding and secure customer experience The new testing platform that the payment expert Netcetera built with Mastercard, will help issuers test end-to-end app-based authentication flow. Register. Check. Improve. is the new call to action for issuers. Today, Netcetera announced the launch of a new issuing 3DS
The winners of the inaugural Open Banking Expo Awards have been revealed, celebrating the best and most exciting innovations of the rapidly growing Open Banking space. After attracting over 120 entries, our expert panel of 24 judges pared this down to an 88-strong shortlist across the 16 categories. Entrants
Nethone’s passive behavioral biometrics allows online businesses to seamlessly stop over 95.3% of account takeovers (ATO) – cyber threats that have been spreading globally at an alarming rate. Besides ATO, the Polish fraud fighter has been flourishing in its payment and financial application use cases, systematically proving over 10
What we have learned from our discussions with merchants We talk with merchants, from all different types of businesses, daily. These merchants are all incredibly different but have one thing in common, they are looking to improve, or expand their payment set up. A question we are asked regularly
Staying on the beat; 6 July – 12 July 2021 From Startups to Unicorns Tide rises on $100 million cash injection UK business banking platform Tide has raised over $100 million in Series C funding at a valuation of $650 million. Tide, which has recruited 350,000 SMEs and opened
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