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Asia has grown into one of the hotspots of the fintech revolution. The large unbanked population and its openness to new technologies drive the proliferation of the fintech ecosystem. All over Asia Financial technology or fintech are catching on. From fast-growing young economies, such as China and India, to
Jeff Bezos will step down as founder and CEO of Amazon and transition to chairman in 2021, allowing seasoned cloud executive Andy Jassy to take the reins of the $1.6 trillion giant. As detailed in an email to his employees, Bezos will focus his “energies and attention on new products
With the continuous enhancement of their secure digital payment products, the software company Netcetera is enabling PSPs, merchants and acquirers to increase the approval rates for transactions and reduce fraud. The latest success of this product improvement: The Netcetera 3-D Secure Server received the letter of approval from Cartes
Trilo scraps transaction fees, with merchants able to reward customers whenever they pay  London, UK: On January 22nd, Trilo (Trilo Group Ltd.) powered the first ever Point of Sale (POS) payment using Open Banking at Naama Studios. The customer simply had to scan a QR code in order to
The payment ecosystem faces disruptive changes: the Digital Card replaces more and more the physical card. Cardholders ask for a digital customer experience and a digitized card in a mobile application.  Digital cards and tokenization become a standard.  Schemes centralized Token Service Providers (TSPs) ensure secure card digitization and
Rabobank has unveiled an online platform that connects large corporates looking to offset their emissions with smallholder farmers in developing countries who are sequestering carbon through agroforestry.By planting trees on their land, farmers in developing countries can offer the CO2 sequestered to large corporates looking to offset their emissions.
BBVA is to invest as much as $150 million in its independent fintech venture fund Propel, bringing its total commitment to over $400 million.The first $50 million fund will be launched in the next few weeks, followed by funds in 2022 and 2023, which will be open to outside
The London-based fintech, Storfund has announced it will hand out $1bn in cash advances to small business operators selling through Amazon and other online European, American, and Asian marketplace. The ecommerce solution can be plugged into seller accounts and provide up-front funds as and when they are required. The
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