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Reuters today launched one of the biggest and most ambitious leadership summits in the world, bringing together 25,000 executives over four days to hear from leading names in business, finance, politics, tech and media on the most pressing issues of our age. Over four days in January, Reuters Next
Entering regulatory sandboxes helps fintech startups raise capital, boosting financial innovation, suggests a BIS working paper.In 2015, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority created a sandbox to give startups in the fast-growing fintech sector the chance to try out their products in a controlled testing environment. Five years on, around
Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t exactly been the year we were expecting. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. Out of the chaos, some truly innovative projects and collaborations have been born. As evidenced by the quality of nominations the Emerging Payments Association received for this year’s Emerging Payments
Purple Dot, the ‘worth-the-wait’ payment option for fashion brands, today announces its seed round of €1.49 million, led by Connect Ventures, with support from, AI Seed, Moxxie Ventures, Andy Chung and Philipp Moehring from AngelList, Vijay Pandurangan and Alex Roetter (both ex-Twitter) and the family office of Paul Forster,
Payer Financial Services (Payer) has developed a new registration product that revolutionizes how customer relationships are made between companies online. The product enables e-commerce merchants to verify new customers as trustworthy so they can make their purchases with ease. Today, Payer launches a beta test program with several B2B merchants. The
LONDON — Financial technology start-ups in the U.K. are quietly rushing to get Brexit contingency plans in place as the prospect of crashing out of the European Union without a trade deal looks increasingly likely. Britain and the EU are yet to come up with a trade agreement ahead
Ant Group’s record-breaking IPO has been suspended in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, just days before trading was due to open in a colossal dual listing. Chinese regulators called senior Ant executives, including controller Jack Ma, to a meeting on Monday, during which it was made clear the fintech giant would
New technologies such as machine learning, Internet-of-Things, artificial intelligence, blockchains, and cloud computing are the major drivers of growth for fintech companies There is no better example of evolution than what we have seen in the financial world. From traditional in-person banking to internet banking which eventually moved from your desktop to the
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