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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a wave of cyber crime across the digital finance sphere, and lenders have responded in a big way to keep clients safe. More people than ever before are trying to learn how to conduct day to day business without leaving home.  Fintech solutions are
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has outlined a slew of new initiatives on bank data exchange, CBDC research, trade finance digitisation and RegTech, as the island state kicks off its annual Fintech Week. In his opening keynote, HKMA chief executive Eddie Yue announced that the central bank is exploring
Spanish fintech Clarity AI has raised $15m to further develop its platform that analyses the societal impact of investment portfolios. Clarity AI was founded in Madrid in 2017 by Rebeca Minguela, who last month featured in our rundown of Europe’s leading women in fintech. The platform uses in-house technology to
Asia is a major player in the FinTech startup industry. For example, Digital Information World reports that China’s FinTech have attracted $42 billion in investments with 166 startups.  What makes it more impressive is also the fact that China is home to the most valuable FinTech startup in the world: Ant
Atlanta-based fintech company Bluefin, known for offering payment and data security for small and medium-sized businesses, announced a $25 million in growth financing from Macquarie Capital Principal Finance.  Macquarie joins current Bluefin investors Napier Park and Camden Partners. Bluefin’s work, with specializes in securing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI)
Our new branding is reflective of the company culture, approach to business, and is ready for the future of PCN. This is the new PCN, people create networks. prod. ESKRY
Today, a new UK based fintech for parents and kids called Strive launched with the announcement of the acquisition of a popular digital piggy bank company GoSave in an all stock deal. With 50% of the UK population considered financially vulnerable ( the need for easy solutions to teach kids about
FT Partners latest number-crunching shows COVID-19 hasn’t derailed venture capital’s interest in the fintech industry. Total global fintech financing hit $12bn of capital raised in the third quarter of 2020, according to research by FT Partners.  While many predicted the COVID-19 pandemic would hit the fintech industry hard, the
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