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When people think of ‘high risk merchants’ they automatically think of adult entertainment, online gambling and weapons dealers. However, high risk merchants come in all shapes and sizes, from airline and jet charters, antique vendors to moving & transportation carriers. The only things they really share, are tough terms and
Adriana Screpnic, Content Marketing Specialist at G2A PAY tells PCM some key customer behavior trends and how companies can benefit by adjusting their business strategies accordingly. Speed, efficiency and convenience. These are the main keys to customer satisfaction in our fast-paced, digital-driven society. The statement, as in any other
In the mid- to late 1940’s a simple idea by a bank to offer their customers a card which they could use at local retail stores, and then have the merchant deposit the receipts which they would reimburse took off. This was called the “Charg-It” system and it leads
We talk with Frédéric Mazurier, CEO of Market Pay (Carrefour Group) about the business opportunities in the payments industry of emerging markets. 1. What are the key emerging markets for Carrefour Group and how does payment processing differ from the European market? As the reference in food retail, Carrefour
Is fintech the future of the banking industry, or its nemesis? Son Nguyen, Program Director at Vente-privee tells us about his point of view. These players have initiated new markets or revamping old ageing business. Their targets usually focus on business where banks have a high margin and where traditional
Mollie, payment service provider in the Benelux, has added Bitcoin acceptance to its offering of online payment methods. This addition allows thousands of online merchants to start accepting Bitcoins immediately without the need for further integration. Accept bitcoin payments through Mollie Online merchants do not need to have any
Deva Annamalai, Senior Director of Innovations and Insights from Fiserv tells us how financial institutions could innovate payments in Georgia. Innovation is ripe in the Peach State. Fiserv, a provider of financial services technology, has had a presence in Georgia for more than two decades, and the state has become
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