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DeFi Conference 2021: The Rise of Decentralised Finance

Bitcoin Events’ 2nd annual DeFi Conference kicks off this Thursday, 5 August 2021.

The event will host over 25 sessions and 40+ DeFi and NFT industry leaders, showcasing the opportunities and trends in Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Some of the questions and topics that will be covered are:

Most DeFi and NFT platforms and products are being built using Ethereum. Who are the main competitors to Ethereum and how are companies such as RSK, Mintlayer and Sovryn providing alternative solutions using Bitcoin instead of Ethereum? 

What problems are communities and organisations trying to solve with governance in the decentralised space?

With the explosion in popularity of art and collectible NFTs this year, is it just hype or are they creating real opportunities for artists and content creators? What is the legal nature of NFTs from the intellectual property perspective?

Yield farming, staking, lending and borrowing are some of the ways to maximise cryptocurrency earnings. What platforms are leading in this regard and what are the risks involved?

Institutions are getting involved. What are the reasons institutions might or might not be interested in DeFi products?

Regulation in this space is gaining momentum globally. Which countries are ahead with regulation and what do these regulatory frameworks look like?

Ran Neu Ner, host of the world’s first live streaming crypto media station, Crypto Banter, will host a special surprise guest on the fireside chat on what’s hot right now in the NFT space. 

Some of the notable speakers include: 

Sam Bankman-Fried: CEO and Founder at FTX

Aaron Tilton: Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at SmartFi

Yele Bademosi: Founder of Bundle Africa

Diego Gutiérrez-Zaldívar: Co-founder of RSK

Sergej Kunz: Co-founder of 1inch Network
Duke Vu: CEO and Founder of Ulti Arena

Bybit, Chainsulting, SmartFi and The Standard are Premier Sponsors. Amazix, Curate, Ulti Arena and Mintlayer are the Diamond Sponsors. CryptoCurrencyWire and AltCoinTrader are the Gold Sponsors. 

A limited number of tickets are available. Register for a free ticket here

About Bitcoin Events

Bitcoin Events is Africa’s leading and largest blockchain and cryptocurrency event coordinator. 

Since 2015, Bitcoin Events has hosted 10 events which have attracted more than 350 global speakers and 10 000 delegates from over 165 countries. 

Bitcoin Events is the organiser of the Blockchain Africa Conference, the Crypto Fest and the DeFi Conference

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