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Any glance at any payment statistic, from Faster Payments to contactless, to click and collect and to the growing global trend of Request to Pay, would suggest that cash no longer has a place in any business in this mid- pandemic 2021 digital world.  Have digital options even replaced
Global industry leader shares its predictions for fintech, as we enter Fintech 2.0 in the next three to five years  London, 15th June 2021: In a newly released Fintech 2.0 whitepaper, Money20/20, the place where the global fintech community does business, lays out its vision for the next era of fintech, as
Hanseatic Bank unifies its authentication processes with a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution from Netcetera, the market leader for secure digital payments. In the future, the German private bank will use the same authentication procedures for credit card payments on the Internet, login to online banking, and
Organisers of Open Banking Expo Canada are to launch free-to-attend quarterly meetups for the Open Banking community in Canada. The first meetup will take place virtually on Thursday June 24th, 2021. For the first three meetings, Open Banking Expo Canada has teamed up with Ernst & Young LLP (EY
London headquartered payments processor DNA Payments has banked a £100 million investment from Alchemy Partners. DNA currently serves over 45,000 merchants ranging from major online and offline retailers to SMEs, providing them with over 70,000 terminals which make over 20 million transactions worth over £600m a month. The firm
Timex has joined forces with Visa, Tappy and Chase to launch a range of watch straps that can be used to make contactless payments. Watchmaker Timex first teamed up with Tappy, a Hong Kong-based outfit that has developed token payments technology that can effectively turn any watch into a
Alethea AI, an open AI developer company, has teamed up with London-based artist Robert Alice to bring a virtual being to life, and they’re auctioning it at Sotheby’s as the “first intelligent nonfungible token” (iNFT).  In collaboration, they have created a virtual being named Alice using AI technology. She can have conversations with
In 2013, Colombian businessman David Velez decided to reinvent the Brazilian banking system. He didn’t speak Portuguese, nor was he an engineer or a banker, but he did have the conviction that the system was broken and that he could fix it. And as a former Sequoia VC, he
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