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Netcetera and Entersekt implement FIDO authentication standard for PLUSCARD – A first in Europe

Secure unlimited online credit card payments without a mobile device

Nowadays, it is convenient to make quick and easy online purchases with a credit card. But how do you protect online payments from fraud? There are various methods to prove the identity of buyers. However, most modern methods require a mobile device. For customers who do not have one or who prefer to make payments via computer, there have been few secure alternatives for payment approval. Until now: In a joint project, PLUSCARD, full-service processor for numerous card-issuing institutions across Germany, Netcetera, market leader for digital payment solutions, and Entersekt, specialist in strong customer authentication, launched the first authentication alternative according to the FIDO standard in Europe in June 2021. This promises secure, unlimited credit card payments online without the use of a mobile device.

Every online payment must be authenticated. This means that for each transaction, it must be checked whether the account or card data were entered by the actual cardholder. This authentication procedure has become more complex in the EU due to the introduction of PSD2 and strong customer authentication (SCA). Here, processing via mobile devices guarantees compliance with the stricter requirements with a better payment experience for consumers at the same time.

FIDO is an international authentication standard that offers an alternative for secure, easy and SCA-compliant payments without the use of a mobile device. PLUSCARD, Netcetera and Entersekt have implemented the FIDO standard in their joint solution. Entersekt has integrated the FIDO server into the solution, which is certified by the FIDO Alliance. Authentication is handled via a physical token. Customers receive this token from the bank for use on the computer. The customers register the token via a registration page that has been set up. The token is then linked to the credit card and they can easily authenticate their online transactions.

“Customers without a mobile device now have the possibility to approve their online payments conveniently and securely with the FIDO token” says Thomas Niederauer, Product Manager at PLUSCARD. “Together with Netcetera and Entersekt, we have implemented a future-proof solution with the FIDO standard. So far, this is a unique alternative to app-based authentication on the German market.”

Netcetera, an expert in digital payment, is a long-standing partner of PLUSCARD and has successfully implemented this secure and user-friendly authentication solution. Bernhard Binz, Project Manager at Netcetera comments: “A FIDO token is much more secure than a transaction number sent via SMS and therefore the better choice for end customers. This is the second successful solution we have developed for PLUSCARD. Together, we were the first in the payments industry to introduce app-based authentication 5 years ago and now we are again taking a leading role in the market with the first FIDO implementation.”

“With the certification of our FIDO server, we have significantly expanded our portfolio of state-of-the-art authentication solutions. The implementation of a FIDO2 USB Security Key at PLUSCARD is an important first step. Further applications such as authentication with FIDO authenticators in the form of notebooks and smartphones will follow. We are proud to open this new chapter of payment authentication together with PLUSCARD and Netcetera”, says Uwe Härtel, Country Manager Central Europe at Entersekt.

About Netcetera
Netcetera is a global software company with cutting-edge IT products and individual digital solutions in the areas of secure digital payment, financial technologies, media, transport, healthcare and insurance. More than 2,000 banks and issuers, and 150,000 merchants rely on the digital payment solutions and globally certified 3-D Secure products of the market leader for payment security. The owner-managed company covers the entire IT lifecycle, from ideation and strategy to implementation and operation. The balanced combination of the latest technologies and proven standards ensures investment security, from large-scale projects to innovative start-ups. Founded in 1996, Netcetera is a holding company with around 800 employees and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with additional locations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Further information:

PLUSCARD Service-Gesellschaft für Kreditkarten-Processing mbH, founded in 1996 in Saarbrücken, provides comprehensive services for savings banks and banks in the field of Mastercard and Visa credit cards. Service above the standard and personal support are guidelines that distinguish PLUSCARD as a major driving force in the credit card and processing market. In total, more than 6 million credit cards are managed by PLUSCARD, and the trend is still rising strongly. The service spectrum of the special service provider ranges from product development to application registration and the 24-hour service of the call centre for credit card holders to payment complaints. Further information:

About Entersekt
Entersekt is a leading provider of software solutions for strong device identification and customer authentication. Financial service providers and other large enterprises from various countries around the world rely on the patented, user-friendly technology to securely communicate with their customers and protect them from fraud – regardless of the service channel or device used and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Customers confirm that the Entersekt Secure Platform improves the acceptance of new offerings, increases customer loyalty and thus opens up growth opportunities. Further information:

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