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Open Banking Exchange to launch Colombian Open Finance programme

UK, 3 August 2021:  Open Banking Exchange announced today that key stakeholders of the open finance movement in Colombia will come together at a Summit on 12 August 2021 to collaborate on the development of open finance. 

Hosted by Open Banking Exchange, with the participation of the Colombian Ministry of Finance and the Financial Superintendent of Colombia, the Summit marks the beginning of a membership programme which will provide Regulators, Fintechs and Financial Institutions with an opportunity to collaborate and share international best practices to help accelerate learning and understanding of open banking and open finance in the region.

Open Banking Exchange, a not-for-profit organisation, was established to leverage the past achievement and know-how of Open Banking Europe (OBE), enabling open banking and open finance communities around the world find practical solutions to issues relating to open banking and open finance.

OBE has a proven track record of building collaborative environments enabling its Members to identify market issues and implement solutions via guidance, standards, and tools.  In turn this creates trusted relationships with regulators, self-regulated organisations (SROs) and national communities to implement effective and interoperable open solutions based on jurisdiction neutral technology frameworks. 

Victor Rivera, SVP Open Banking Exchange stated: “We are very happy to support the development of open finance in Colombia and Latin America as we believe collaboration among players will drive innovation, bringing better products and services to the population.”

John Broxis, Managing Director, Open Banking Exchange commented: “Promoting collaboration and best practice in open banking supports the work of the regulators. We believe Open Banking Exchange has an important role to play in in the development of the open finance ecosystem”

Visit our website for more information on the speakers and the agenda

About Open Banking Exchange:

Open Banking Exchange (OBE) is a worldwide community to share, learn and collaborate.

OBE supports the regulatory aims of facilitating innovation, competition and consumer choice through open banking, open finance and open data.

By bringing market players together to provide a collaborative environment for exchanging experiences and solving problems via guidance, standards and tools, we turn vision into operational reality.

Through global relationships with strategic partners, we connect financial institutions bringing together market players to collaborate on the advancement of open banking and open finance.

We help regulators, self-regulated organisations (SROs) and national communities implement effective and interoperable open solutions based on jurisdiction neutral technology frameworks.

OBE is a not-for-profit global movement for industry stakeholders supplying Open Banking, Open Finance and Open Data services.

Source: Open Banking Exchange

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